Kampala City Tour


Kampala is the capital city of Uganda, popularly known as the city on many hills because it is spread over 10 hills but was originally built on seven hills just like Rome. The name Kampala came out of a Kiganda saying, "Kasozi Kempala" meaning the hill for Antelopes. Kampala was first established in about 1891 when the King of Buganda had his administrative centre on 2 hills in Kampala; they were the Rubaga and Mengo hills, which are still part of the city today.

On a uganda safari city tour, you will take cultural tours to the Uganda museum, King's Palaces, royal tombs, royal senates as well as other historical sites revered by the local people. Some natural landforms and rivers also have great cultural attributes with some being believed to be born by humans. Ugandans are very polite, enthusiastic, friendly and welcoming people who will often greet strangers on public transport or in rural areas.