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Lake Bunyonyi - Uganda

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altLake Bunyonyi is the place to go for short break during week ends. Located  in South Western Uganda between Kisoro and Kabale near the Rwandan border, Lake Bunyonyi is at 450 Km from Kampala - a journey of of 7 hours from Kampala and a drive of 100 km (2 hours) from Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. Located at 1,962 metres above the sea level, the 25 km long and 7 km wide lake covering an area of 61 square kilometres is believed to be the deepest lake in Africa with varying length of between 44 m to 900 metres. The lake surface is a fresh with 25 degrees celicious and safe for swimming.

Lake Bunyoni beauty is incredible. It has 29 islands that include Punishment Island and Bushara Island which are all concentrated in the central of of the lake. It is known for the surrounding terraced hills that are 2,200 to 2,478 metres high and intensely cultivated and it has become a darling weekend break destination for many foreign and domestic tourists as affordable and quality accommodations increased.

There about 200 bird at the lake Bunyonyi also means "the place of many little birds". The bird species include the White tailed Blue Monard, grey crowned cranes, the African Harrier Hawk, Herons and egrets, the Levillant cuckoo, the Cardinal Woodpecker and the Rufous-breasted wryneck and more Weavers nesting on the Island, include the large golden, slender-billed Baglafetch, as well as the yellow-backed and spectacled weavers.

Lake Bunyonyi Main islands

1. Bushara Island

This island is also a place for Lake Bunyonyi Development Company, an organization with strong links to Church of Uganda. Tourism is the main source of funds for various developments around Bunyonyi areas. This island has many luxury tents, chalets, and also campsites for tourists to stay on. You can also hire canoes and sailboats to sail around the lake and its other islands. The island is forested with mainly eucalyptus trees that grow fast.

2. Akampene Punishment Island

The Bakiga used to leave unmarried pregnant girls on this small island with a tree to die of hunger or die while trying to swim to the mainland as swimming skills were rare. This was to educate the rest, to show them not to do the same.