National Museum

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The Uganda museum (founded in 1908) is the container of Uganda's historic memories. It is located on Kiira Road, near Mulago hospital, about 4 km from Kampala city centre. The museum is a true reflection of Uganda's multicultural past displaying the countries indigenous culture, archeology, history, science, and natural history.

It is a display of Uganda's cultural heritage where of ethnological and natural-historical exhibitions. It is a vivid reminder of the country's colourful past. One of its most interesting features is the collection of traditional musical instruments, which one is free to play.

It was inaugurated in 1908 at Lugard's Fort on Old Kampala Hill in Kampala city, and is regarded as the biggest and the oldest museum in Uganda. The museum was relocated to Makerere University in the school of industrial and fine arts and from there it was shifted to Kitante Hill, where it stands today in 1954.

Apart from being a national historical monument, the museum houses a collection of historical artifact. It is also a source of information about more than 650 cultural heritage sites dotted across the country. This means that the national museum is a centre of learning about the life, culture and heritage of Ugandans.

Uganda is a unique and captivating tourist destination in terms of culture. The Uganda museum and Uganda's Kingdoms present a rich cultural heritage that Uganda proudly boasts over other African safari destinations.



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