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Kigali has been part of Rwanda's history for just over a hundred years, founded by Richard Kandt when it was a German settlement. It did not become the capital of Rwanda until 1962 when the country gained independence.  It then replaced Butare as the capital which had been the seat of the king.  Since then Kigali has had a major growth in its economy and today it is the cultural, transport and economical centre of Rwanda.  It is home to around one million people and has a mix of wide streets, international hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and shops and an international airport.  Take time whilst you visit Rwanda to have a guided city tour and learn more about the country and city you are visiting. 


Driving around Kigali, you can't help but get impressed and inspired by the clean streets, the green environment and industrious attitude of the Rwandans.  It's an uplifting and forward thinking place and worth spending time there.

The Kigali City Tour can include a visit the Kandt Museum of Natural History where you can learn about the co-existence of people and their environment in the old colonial buildings.Advertise Here Visit  of Ivuka Arts studios in Kacyiru.  A place where talented  local artists  make fine arts. If the visit to Ivuka arts studios is scheduled in the week end, there is a good chance to see Rwamakondera Children's Dance Troupe performs Rwandan Traditional Dances as they practice at Ivuka Arts Studios every Saturday and Sunday.  The group's rehearsals on weekends from 2:00PM until the sund goes down. There is also a visit to  the Muslim quarter of Nyamirambo.


The highlight and  the most impacting visit of this tour is the Genocide Museum, a startling reminder of Rwanda's terrible past. Tour around the city and see new developments, the central business district and the parliament buildings, residential suburbs and shops.  If time permits you can also visit the Nyabugogo second hand clothes market - a colourful and interesting sight!

The recovery of Kigali and Rwanda from the genocide has been remarkable and as more tourists visit this beautiful country, the infrastructure and economy continues to improve.
Come and tour the most ambitious city of Africa.

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