Kigali Nightlife: Bars & Night Clubs

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Nightlife in Kigali will make your your stay in the city a memorable one.

To experience nightlife in Kigali in the true sense of the term, you have to first visit the KBC or the Kigali Business Centre and the cadillac Nightclub as well the new bars cinemas in the City Tower right in the heart of Kigali. The Kigali Business Centre is one of the finest nightlife destinations in Kigali. This centre houses the Planet Cinema, a cafe and a nightclub. All these are placed next to each other.
Kigali nightlife is as vibrant as that of the other countries of Africa. To get the real picture of nightlife Uzaze Travels & Tours is committed to help you implement your Kigali tours properly. There are several nightclubs in Kigali. Among them the nightclub situated in the Kigali Business Centre is the best. This nightclub is very popular especially among the young and rich Rwandans and ex pats. Drinks offered in this nightclub include a wide variety of cocktails. The music that you can get to hear at this place constitutes of western pop and east African vibes.Do not miss the nightlife in Kigali. You will definitely enjoy this. The nightclubs of Kigali play all sorts of catchy numbers, music that you will really like. The dance floors are compact and are equipped with large mirrors. Youngsters in this city visit the nightclubs mostly on weekends. Young Rwandans dress trendily and dance rhythmically to all kinds of peppy tunes

alt Nightlife in Kigali starts late and continues till dawn. The nightspots of this city are really the happening destinations. They are always packed with youngsters.Dancing is a common thing in these clubs. The dress code is smart casuals.
There are quite a few bars in Kigali. These bars are visited by many for enjoying the nightlife in Kigali. Among these the fiery bar is very popular. It is a well-known name in the Kigali bar scene. There is an outdoor patio with big screen projection TV in this bar. Soccer is most often shown in this TV screen. The ambiance of this bar will surely impress you. The atmosphere is marked by a mixture of mellow outdoor barbecue and thumping club music. Grilled brochettes can also be found in the fiery bar.
Thus, the nightlife in Kigali is truly enjoyable.

 Restaurants and Bars in Kigali:

 La Republica is Great restaurant serves a variety of cuisines amidst great ambiance. The New Cactus is a good pizza outlet. Sol e Luna is another pizza outlet that you can look forward to. Papyrus is well-known for its Italian dishes. Bourbon Cafe is a fine place to have a cup of coffee.


 L'Atelier falls within walking distance from Papyrus. You will be served scrumptious French cuisine at this restaurant. If you want to have Indian food, pay a visit to Indian Khazana. The restaurant at the Gorilla's hotel serves sumptuous delicacies. Karibu restaurant is an excellent restaurant that offers fast food, not to mention local African cuisines. Kigali Serena's Diplomat Restaurant is another fine dining option. Chez Robert serves local food to the diners. Shanghai, close to Milles Collines, is also preferred by gourmets as this restaurant serves quality food.

 Both the New Cadillac night club and the Republica are the places where you will find the choicest liquors.


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