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Eating out in Kigali: Best Restaurants and Coffee Shops in Kigali

For People living in Kigali or visiting kigali City, there is a good selection of cafes and restaurants in Kigali city to choose from. Find  here the best cafe and best  best restaurants in Kigali- Rwanda.



Bourbon Coffee Shops

Bourbon coffee has become legendary for travellers to Kigali. Formerly located at 3 locations in the city, in the Union Trade Centre (UTC), MTN Centre in Nyarutarama and at Kigali Airport,  Bourbon coffee is now opening its 4th  coffee shop at the heart of Kigali, at the new state of the art -  Kigali City Tower.  All produce at bourbon coffee  is sourced within Rwanda, including a wide range of coffee and tea as well as delicious ice-cold fruit smoothers and mouth-watering cakes. It’s good for hot snacks too with paninis, sandwiches and chips all available.

It’s a little on the pricey-side and you can happily part with FRW 6000-8,000 ( about £6-8/$12-15) on drinks and food.  However, it’s one of the few places in the city with a good wireless internet connection and you   get free connection pass with each coffee you buy.  A lovely place to be and be seen on afternoons sitting on the balcony watching the world go by.  Bourbon coffee shops are open every day except -  before 11:00 on Umuganda’s  day usually the last Saturday of every month. >> Review Bourbon Coffee Shops 

Shokola Lite Cafe:  

Shokola Lite  is a cafe and a restaurant with a charming and a romantic décor as a fine  art gallery is mixed with a library. Oh yes ! it is an intricate fusion of African  and Mediterranean flavours, textures, sights, sounds and aromas. Some of Shokola’s specialties include exotic Moroccan tagines, freshly made hummus, huge range of mouth-watering salads, fresh fruit smoothies and juices, coffee and teas as well as draft beer and a good list of wines.  Main dishes go up to around RWF 10 000 and desserts  RFW 4000. There is Indoor as well as outdoor seating.

 It is located in Kacyiru on boulevard de l’Umuganda on the ground floor of Prester House.  it is in same building as Ikirezi , opposite the Top Tower Hotel and right after the former American Club. >> Review Chocola Lite Cafe


Camellia Tea House:

This affordable café is located in heart of Kigali Centre, just opposite Kenya commercial Bank and not far from the bank of Kigali. Its opening hours are  9am to 10pm. What makes the tea house special is variety of pastries, sandwiches, salads, coffee, snacks, burgers and pizzas all at reasonable prices.  No one feels robbed at camellia Tea house as their prices are very competitive. You can even take away the tea and coffee in cups for just 300 RWF.  This place is an ideal for business meetings for budget travellers and middle class locals. The elegant interior and prices and attentive staff make camellia Tea house a budget friendly café in Kigali Centre. >> Review Camellia Tea House


Heaven Restaurant and Bar :

Heaven is the newest addition to Kigali's limited roster of high-quality restaurants. It features an extensive menu of American and Continental cuisine, with a good selection of vegetarian dishes, a children's menu, and an ever-changing dessert list. It's located 1/2 kilometer from the Union Trade Center in central Kigali and a few streets away from Hotel des Mille Collines. >> Review Heaven Restaurant


Republica Restaurant & Bar :

is situated in on Rue de l’Akanyaru in Kiyovu side. It is about a ten-fifteen minute walk down the hill from the Mille Collines Hotel.  This is a bar and a restaurant and deservedly regarded by many as one of Kigali's finest bar/restaurants is the city. It has  a range of comfortable sofas inside and an outside the terrace.  Republica stands out as the most stylishly designed and, hmmnn… Let me puti it this was… It is by far the coolest among the city's nightspots. Tastefully decorated East African-style, with a gorgeous veranda overlooking the city, not to mention the excellent choice in music,  Republica is certainly a great place to unwind after work, the ambience is unparalleled. The excellent menu caters to both meat eaters and vegetarians, specializing in brochettes, steak, chicken and fish, and a number of flavorful local dishes. However,  do not expect bargain prices or particularly attentive service (and be prepared to wait for your food!).  But if you are looking for genuine, authentic, and great-tasting African cuisine,  Republica is the place to go. >> Review Republica Restaurant & Bar



Khana Khazana Restaurant:

Khana Khazana has the reputation as the best Indian restaurant in Kigali. Khana Khazana and Sakae restaurant (see below Sakae: Korean and Japanese cuisine in Kigali) are two the most complete but also expensive restaurants in Kigali with prices ranging from RWF 6000 - 12000, but they both do justice to their high prices as their food  and service are awesome.

 If you love and indian food and it happens you are in Kigali while money is not an issue then the only place to go is Khana Khazana Restaurant. It is located in Kiyovu,  10 minutes walk from Milles Collines hotel.  Going down towards Banque National Rwanda, Khana Khazana restaurant is second second left on Kajangwe Avenue.


Zen restaurant:

 Zen Restaurant in Kigali specializes in Oriental cuisine mainly from China, Thailand and Japan. It is the only restaurant in Kigali to introduce Dim Sum and Sushi on their menu. Zen offers not only Japanese food but have amazing Thai curries, and Tom Yum soup , the delicious Chinese dumplings— as dipping sauces they come with among others.

The only downside to the food at Zen, are the prices as they serve really small portions and prices are from RWF 5000 to 8000. Zen Restaurant is in Nyarutarama. An alternative to Zen Restaurant is Sakae Restaurant as it is located in the same area of Nyarutarama. >> Review Zen Restaurant


Sakae Restaurant :

Sakae restaurant is situated along the main road heading to the MTN Centre in Nyarutarama and specialises  in Korean and Japanese food. Sakae opened fairly recently, but has already gained popularity among expats living in Kigali and other Kigalians. Though it’s slightly pricey, the food is delicious and totally worth it as they serve big portions. They have plenty of sushi options (including a mix plate for Rwf 12,000 and Sashimi set for Rwf 11,000).

 For a great lunch alternative try their Lunch Box (Rwf 7,000) with tempura, sushi, beef/chicken, and marinated tofu, and octopus. Sakae’s every food order has  complementary Miso soup and little avocado salad they give you as starters. Although this could just be part of the lunch deals. The chicken teryaki dish cost Rwf 7,000 and with the rice, soup and salad might have been enough for two people to share. If you really feel eating big, I highly recommend sakae Restaurant in Nyarutarama. >> Review Sakae Restaurant


 Africa Bite:

It is on the same road as the Flamingo Chinese Restaurant in Kimihurura. The road is a turning on the left as you travel down the hill from Sundowners to Papyrus.  African Bite is well known for its buffet made of Motoke,  sweet potatoes,  ugali,  and rice  with a good selection of vegetables at RFW 3 000 including a fresh juice. The meat is well cooked and tasty. >> Review Africa Bite Restaurant


Karibu :

It is located in the heart of the city centre right on "Boulevard de la paix" road, near the Belgian private school known as Ecole Belge.

Despite its central location and increasingly touristy clientele, Karibu maintains their low prices (soda and water for Rwf 500; goat brochette for Rwf 700) and has attentive and professional staff, which i beleive gives Karibu an edge over its rivals. With plenty of outdoor seating – Karibu is a wonderful place to enjoy a sunny lunch or an afternoon drink in the shade. The Menu at karibu is more of traditional food same as Africa Bite. >> Review Karibu Restaurant


Great Wall chinese Restaurant :

Great wall is in Kacyiru on Boulevard de la revolution.  It has a good view over Nyarutarama hills and the city centre and is probably the best chinese restaurant in Kigali.


Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant:

Located in Kimihurura on same road as Papyrus night Bar, Lalibela offers a quite impressive Ethiopian buffet at reasonable price. The menu features both vegetarian and other Ethiopian dishes featuring  ethiopian injera, lamb, poultry and beef. Their friendly wait staff comes in traditional clothing and are really friendly.  Their décor include an outdoor fireplace.  For an extra special night out, you can ask them to arrange a traditional Ethiopian coffee ritual. This is only available at the weekends, and costs Rwf 10,000.

If you love Ethiopian food and looking for a tranquil ambiance or a perfect place for a laid-back date or a relaxed night out,  Lalibela restaurant in Kigali is the best option. >> Review Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant

Ever been to one of the listed restaurants? You can review any of Kigali restaurants in the directory for the world to see!