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Money Exchange and ATM cash withdrawals in Kigali:


The best bureau de change (forex bureau) in Kigali is probably ICYIZERE Forex Bureau. ( Icyizere means Trust in local language and so far I do believe they just deserve that ).  Icyizere is a great place to change money in Kigali as they give top rates and the service is friendly and quick. There is no paperwork to do and the receipt takes seconds for them to produce. They do give a lower rate than their outside board for small notes, but don’t shy away of negocitating a better rate for small notes.  Icyizere Forex bureau is located in Union Trade Centre ( same as Nakumatt) in the lower car park and are open 24h a day.  Another trustful bureau de change is known as 'God is Able' Forex Bureau. Both forex bureaux have the best competitive rates in the city.




The first ATM / cash machine you will encounter when arriving in Rwanda is at Kigali airport just after leaving the luggage claiming area. The Ecobank ATM accepts only visa affiliate bank cards (credit and debit).  In Kigali city the best place to get your money withdrawn using an international bank card is with the bank of Kigali, BK.  By 2011, BK ATM gives option of currency. Going smart in Kigali:Bank of Kigali ATM gives option of currency You get to choose to withdraw your money in Rwandan francs or dollars. Currently bank of Kigali has 3 ATM machines accepting Visa and Mastercard. They are located at bank of Kigali headquarters in Town, bank of Kigali at Kimironko branch and bank of Kigali at Remera Branch. If for any reason you are unable to withdraw  money with ATM, you can get the money inside the bank with the bank staff help, provided you have your card and your passport with you.  In the town centre this is done at the counter on the first floor.  You will be charged a fee for this service.

Ecobank has a reliable ATM machine in Kigali. You can withdraw cash with your international visa card at ecobank in Kigali and in other main town including  Butare and Ruhengeri. The maximum amount allowed by day is RWF 200 000. For americans you bank back home will charge around $ 5 for every transaction.

Fina bank has an ATM machine for international withdraw at its head office in Kigali located at 20 Boulevard de la Révolution. The daily maximum amount is set to RWF 150 000.

Access bank has ATM in town at UTC building in second floor for international debit and credit cards withdrawal. Make sure you have your passport with you to be able to access your cash at this place.