Hiking Mount Kenya

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altMount Kenya is the second-highest mountain in Africa, after Kilimanjaro.  The highest peaks of the mountain are Batian set at 5,199 metres (17,057 ft), Nelion is 5,188 metres (17,021 ft)  while Point Lenana measures 4,985 metres (16,355 ft). Mount Kenya is located in central Kenya, around 150 kilometres (93 mi) north-northeast of Nairobi. Kenya as a nation was named after Mount Kenya. Hiking Mount Kenya is challenging as the highest peak Batian gets fleezing cold at night and while during the day it's boiling hot! It is said to be winter every night and summer every day and as such a special first day acclimatization is important. Mt Kenya has a total of 8 hiking routes which include Meru, Chogoria, Kamweti, Naro Moru, Burguret, Sirimon and Timau. Of these Chogoria, Naro Moru and Sirimon and used most frequently and therefore have staffed gates. 

Hiking Mt Kenya is very rewarding as hikers enjoy a breathtaking scenery during their adventure with spectacular views of both flora and fauna including the giant rosette, forests, bamboo, heath land and chaparral, giant groundsels and giant lobelias and glaciers, all of which are found at different zones within the mountain.


Animals in Mt Kenya include hyrax and common duiker, groove-toothed rat, various species of monkeys, antelopes, tree hyrax or elephants and buffalos. There are also predators such as hyenas, leopards and lions. Birds are also abundant including sunbirds, alpine chats, starlings, the Auger buzzard, Lammergeier and Verreaux eagle.



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