Kenya Safaris: Things to do and see in Kenya

Kenya Wildlife safari and Wildbeest Migration

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For many people in western world, Kenya simply means lifetime safaris. Kenya is blessed with amazing landscapes,  wildlife in their natural habitat, a tropical coastline on Indian Ocean and a good portion of Lake Victoria.

Kenya Wildlife Safari

Kenya has been associated with wildlife safaris for many years and there is still nothing more famous about Kenya than going on a safari in one of Kenya national parks and reserves located throughout the country and catch a glimpse of the african Big 5 in their natural habitat. The most famous wildlife viewing sanctuaries in Kenya being Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru and Tsavo East.


Maasai Mara, Wildebeest Migration

The Masai Mara is gifted with the great wildebeest migration from Serengeti each year; it’s the world’s best amazing adventure. The best time to catch a glimpse of these wildebeest is from July to October. The anticipation of rain along with the grassland in the north attracts more than 1.3 million wildebeest into one group of a huge herd. They transverse the border into Mara, creating a thrilling entrance in a heaving line that extends from one corner to another.

When they get to Mara River, they make one huge group along the riverbanks prior to getting into the water. At this moment you will catch a glance of how they fight with the waiting crocodiles. It is a lifetime experience to witness this event and the abundance of wildlife and the remoteness of the reserve implants memories that no money can buy.


Mombasa Beach Holidays

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altKenya's coastal city of Mombasa  has some of the finest beaches in Africa if not in the whole world. Mombasa is very  popular with tourists for its exotic beaches, diverse marine life, world-class hotels and the fact that the water of the ocean is warm ideal for those looking for a quiet swim, a place for kids to play, deep-sea fishing, and water sports activities such as scuba diving and sailing.

Mombasa has also a good selection of beachfront hotels a real paradise for exotic vacation.

In addition to its beautiful beaches, Mombasa offers a diverse cultural history. The City traces many of its cultural traditions to former Portuguese, Arab and British settlers – all of which have left a lasting influence on the City’s food, architecture, and people. Therefore tours of the town, safaris in game parks, and camping trips can all be included in your vacation plan.

altThere are four main resort areas along the coast. The North Coast starts at Nyali, which is just a few kilometers from Mombasa centre, and stretch through Bamburi, Shanzu and Mtwapa, and up north to Kikambala beach.

Watamu and Malindi beaches are found  further north, off which are two spectacular marine parks in which are found some of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs rated as spectacular as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the Red Sea.  Deep sea fishing is just as popular along Watamu, Malindi and Diani.


Lamu Island Cultural Tour

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alt Over a thousand years different generations from different origins; East African, Omani, Yemeni, Indian, Portuguese and Victorian British influences have all left their mark on Lamu Island, in the architecture, the language and the very essence of the place. In bustling Lamu, winding alleys lead past the intricate carved doorways of white stone houses -some of which are truly majestic and still home to the very wealthy. And, because the alleys are too narrow to be negotiated by cars, the modern world has had little visible impact on this historic town.

alt Life appears little changed since Lamu was a busy port town in the 14th century, donkeys remain the preferred local mode of transport, and the streets are lit by lanterns after nightfall.

Spices and the smell of grilled food scent the air around the markets, mosques, museums, fort and ancient houses, and exploring Lamu on foot - or donkey - is a treat for all the sense Sitting at an open-air restaurant by the water and watching the world go by is an irresistible past-time. Fishermen haul their catches ashore, locals walk or ride by, donkeys carry their cargo. Shopping for local woodcarvings and curios is another enjoyable experience.

Over the course of hundreds of previous years, the island has been shaped by local Bantu African tribes, Arab traders and Portuguese explorers.


Hiking Mount Kenya

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altMount Kenya is the second-highest mountain in Africa, after Kilimanjaro.  The highest peaks of the mountain are Batian set at 5,199 metres (17,057 ft), Nelion is 5,188 metres (17,021 ft)  while Point Lenana measures 4,985 metres (16,355 ft). Mount Kenya is located in central Kenya, around 150 kilometres (93 mi) north-northeast of Nairobi. Kenya as a nation was named after Mount Kenya. Hiking Mount Kenya is challenging as the highest peak Batian gets fleezing cold at night and while during the day it's boiling hot! It is said to be winter every night and summer every day and as such a special first day acclimatization is important. Mt Kenya has a total of 8 hiking routes which include Meru, Chogoria, Kamweti, Naro Moru, Burguret, Sirimon and Timau. Of these Chogoria, Naro Moru and Sirimon and used most frequently and therefore have staffed gates. 

Hiking Mt Kenya is very rewarding as hikers enjoy a breathtaking scenery during their adventure with spectacular views of both flora and fauna including the giant rosette, forests, bamboo, heath land and chaparral, giant groundsels and giant lobelias and glaciers, all of which are found at different zones within the mountain.