Flights and other transports to Kigali - Rwanda

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Flights and other transports to Kigali - Rwanda
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 KLM started flights to Kigali from Amsterdam on 31 October 2010 with a short stopover in Entebbe - Uganda. If you are flying from another EU country other than the Netherlands, you can still travel with KLM or Air France with a stopover in Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. (Klm and Air France are merged and are now a same company KLM-Air France)
Brussels Airlines flies directly to Kigali from Brussels in Belgium 3 times a week. With Brussels Airlines operating at most major European airports, Travellers to Kigali from the Schengen zone prefer this airline.

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Turkish Airlines will start flying to Kigali directly from April 2012 after agreeing terms with aviation authorities in Rwanda.

For those looking for cheap fights to Kigali from Europe, The cheapest airline is by far Ethiopian Airlines with a stopover at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa. Ethiopian operate from all major European airports including the world's busiest airport Heathrow in London, Charles de Gaulle in Paris, Zaventem in Brussels, Schiphol in Amsterdam , Frankfurt in Germany or Rome in Italy. If you are flying with Ethiopian Airlines however; you can expect a long stopover in Addis Ababa sometimes up to 8 hours.

As Ethiopian Airlines flies directly from Washington Dulls to Addis Ababa, this is the ideal cheap airline from the United States to Rwanda with Addis Ababa connection as describe above. The return flight to Washington from Kigali stops in Addis Ababa and Rome. Alternative fights to Kigali from other states across United States and Canada should book withKLM and Air France via Amsterdam or Brussels Airlines via Brussels, as these two airlines fly to Kigali almost directly from Europe so reducing the stopover to one in most itineraries and 2 stopovers maximum.

Ethiopia Airlines has also daily scheduled flights between Addis Ababa and Kigali.

Kenya Airways also has frequent flights from Nairobi.
Rwandair Express has several flights a day to other African destinations with the main links being Kigali to Johannesburg, Kigali to Libreville - Gabon and Kigali to Dubai.
South African Airways has flights to Kigali from Johannesburg and offers flights to airports close to Kigali like Entebbe and Goma.


Rwanda is well serviced by a number of reputable international bus companies. Several bus companies offer direct routes from Kampala, Bujumbura andGoma to Kigali. All of these buses will, in theory, allow travellers to alight at main towns along the route, e.g. in Musanze if coming from the DR Congotown of Goma to Kigali.   Musanze is the district home of the famous Mountain Gorillas. A typical journey between Goma and Kigali is 3 hours, including the border crossing. The Bus trip Kampala to Kigali is 7 hours.