Kenya Major Festivals

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If you are planning a trip to Kenya, whether its a business trip or a safari, it is a great idea to accommodate one of the the festivals observed in Kenya as these festivals are popular occasions all over the country. This is a chance to see Local Kenyans unplugged and experience kenya rich culture. Tourists are generally invited to celebrate many of these events. Here are the most popular festivals that draw both locals and tourists alike.

Mombasa Carnival

Mombasa carnival is the most popular festival in Kenya which celebrates the traditions and ethnicity of tribes in Kenya. This vibrant festival is held in November in Mombasa, a city that has been influenced by African and Arabic customs for many years. For this reason, it portrays African and Arabian cultures exceptionally well.
alt The main features of the Mombasa Carnival are multinational floats and colorful parades. Dance and music are also integral parts of this festival. You will find many people strolling through the streets in unusual costumes all day long. Stalls that sell a wide range of goods and special Kenyan dishes are also set up everywhere in the city during the Mombasa Carnival.

International Camel Derby

This is another Kenyan festival that is gaining worldwide popularity. Held every year in the northern region of the country, this is an exciting event that displays a blend of action, adventure, color and culture in Kenya. First started in 1990, the International Camel Derby has given Kenyan people an ideal way to highlight the booming desertification. Camel races are divided into 2 main categories; amateurs and novices and races are spread out over several days. Tourists can also watch cycling races, donkey rides, and other challenging events and can even hire a camel for a whole day.

Blankets & Wine Festival

altBlankets & Wine is the premier afro-based music festival in East Africa designed to showcase genres of afrocentric music.

This family friendly picnic styled music festival is held every 1st Sunday of the month in Nairobi. Audiences are actively encouraged to pack a picnic, some wine (or choice drink), a Maasai shuka and their preferred company and proceed to share in this music and lifestyle experience. Started in November 2008, the event has steadily grown to become one of the most anticipated music events in Nairobi and the wider East Africa region. In 2013, Blankets & Wine expanded it's reach to new spaces within East Africa including Kampala (Uganda) and Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania).
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Kenyan Safari Rally
July is the time for car buffs of all types in Kenya. Mid - July sees the Kenyan Safari Rally. This is a fast paced race through the wilderness of Kenya where drivers do not only have to negotiate rough terrain but also assortments of wildlife. The 2 - day rally finishes in Nairobi to a chaotic climax.

Kenya Tourism Week

This is one of the best times for tourists to visit the country. Kenya mainly starts its tourism week from September 21 to 27, which is World Tourism Day. The official launch of this festival is mostly announced at the Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos every year. Throughout this week-long celebration, tourists can explore the various attractions in the area. The most popular events include culture, art, music and cuisine exhibitions . Kenya Tourism Week allows tourists to travel around regions that are less popular, making it a good strategy to promote local tourism.

Art Festivals

Kenya’s National Museums hold an Art Festival called the East African Art Festival every year in Nairobi. This is a 3-day event which draws exhibitors from all over the East African region. Exhibitors display paintings, traditional architectural designs, artifacts and other art works at this festival. The national museums in Kenya also help to organize the release of songs, skits and plays and film screenings before major Kenyan festivals and holidays. All these help to commemorate important national days and spread the awareness of art in Kenya.
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