Mombasa Nightlife - Kenya: Bars & Night Clubs

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altMombasa nightlife is very exciting and most bars and nightclubs are largely concentrated around the Nyali Area in the North Coast and in there area surrounding hotels. There are also night clubs in Mombasa's main hotels. Though  Beach bars remain the most popular places to hang out and often host  beach parties, ranging from live bands to live performances. Bars located along the south coast all the way to Lamu beach are one of the perfect way to spend  evenings. There  are  also several discos, nightclubs, bars, and casinos around Mombasa that offer diverse and interesting night time party scene.  Bars and discos in Mombasa keep the music pumping and the alcohol flowing all night long. Within the city centre and the city's outlying areas, casinos are plentiful and popular before a wild night out on weekends. Cinemas are also a popular destination throughout the week, regular plays are staged at the Little Theatre Club. There are also ballet performances and karaoke nights.

Here are the most popular bars and nightclubs in Mombasa:

Casablanca Restaurant & Bar:  Casablanca has a reputation of being the best night spot in Mombasa. And it is! It is spacious with two dance floors, four main bars, a cocktail bar, a kitchen dishing, a popular nightclub with both tourists and locals. Casablanca is the only fully fledged 2-in-1 night club on Mombasa coast. They play the latest music and the beer is well-chilled  attracting western crowd.
Address: Mnazi Moja Road,Mombasa.
Telephone: 254-722-286693

Tembo Night Club: About 15 minutes north of Mombasa, Tembo Night Club is extremely popular among locals and tourists. Tembo comprises of a large open-air disco, a cozy beer garden, a Billiard Lounge, two barbeque restaurant and Guest Rooms. A tropical atmosphere, top DJ's, the best music (good mix between the very popular modern Kenyan music scene and US & UK dance charts) and lights systems and more make this the best club in all of Kenya.
Address: Mombasa-Malindi Road opp. Bamburi Nature Trail.
Telephone: +254 41 5485078

alt Florida Casino & Nightclub: Located at 500 meters from Likoni Ferry, With 8 bars and several restaurants you can hide or be a part of the party. As you gradually climb down into the club you can see that there is a lot of corners (wink wink) and lots of outside courtyard with a lovely Nyama Choma area. Make sure to arrive Florida Nightclub before midnight because, just like Florida clubs in Nairobi, there is a show worth seeing. Overlooking the ocean, it is airy and fresh. The clientele is what you want it to be, open your eyes and you will see more. Guys, come with friends or alone, it doesn't matter, the locals are proper friendly. There is a big screen TV and pool tables. Free entry until 7.30 pm and open 6.00pm.
Address: P.O.Box 84175, Mombasa, Kenya.
Telephone: +254-41-2313127; Fax: +254-41-2228809

Mamba International Night Club, is located in Nyali, next to the Nyali Golf Club. There are many promotional events such as performances by live artists.
Address: Mamba Village.
Telephone: 472341, 472361

Bob's, is an open air bar and grill where you can drink and listen to music. Its real name is "Murphys Irish Pub".
Address: Near Nakumatt Nyali on Bamburi.

Royal Court's Hotel Bar: This lovely bar is situated on the 6th floor of the hotel, you can enjoy your drink and admire the amazing view.
Address: P.O Box 41247, Haile Selassie Rd, Mombasa, Kenya.
Telephone: +254-41-2223379 / 2230932 / 2230933 / 2312317 / 2312389

Bora Bora Nightclub: The oldest club in Mombasa, is a relaxing place with fantastic shows, great music and a good atmosphere.
Address: Malindi Road, P.O. Box 81127.
Telephone: +254-41-5486421

Pirates: is a popular club along the North Coast, ideal to check out the great nightlife, has a bar and international food restaurant.
Address: Mombasa/Malindi Rd, P.O. Box 34031 Mombasa.
Telephone: 011-486020

Sky Bar & Restaurant: perhaps the best pub in the town, Skybar has a well stocked bar and spacious dance floor.
Address: P.O. Box 42660, Moi Avenue, Mombasa.



Maasai Jumping Dance

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Maasai Dance or Adumu in Masai language can be roughly translated as "Jumping Dance". Maasai music traditionally consists of rhythms provided by a chorus of vocalists singing harmonies while a song leader - olaranyani, sings the melody.

 The olaranyani is usually the singer who can best sing that song, although several individuals may lead a song. The olaranyani begins by singing a line or title (namba) of a song. The group will respond with one unanimous call in acknowledgment, and the olaranyani will sing a verse over the group's rhythmic throat singing. Each song has its specific namba structure based on call-and-response. Adumu or Maasai Jumping dance is performed by the men of the village, who leap into the air to show their strength and stamina as tribal warriors. Each young man will jump as high as he can while the others stand in a circle and sing. The voices of the men get higher as the jumping increases.

 Overall the effect is one of polyphonic syncopation. Women chant lullabies, humming songs, and songs praising their sons. Nambas, the call-and-response pattern, repetition of nonsense phrases, monophonic melodies repeated phrases following each verse being sung on a descending scale, and singers responding to their own verses are characteristic of singing by females. When many Maasai women gather together, they sing and dance among themselves. One exception to the vocal nature of Maasai music is the use of the horn of the Greater Kudu to summon morans for the Eunoto ceremony.



Both singing and dancing sometimes occur around manyattas, and involve flirting. Young men will form a line and chant rhythmically, “Oooooh-yah”, with a growl and staccato cough along with the thrust and withdrawal of their lower bodies. Girls stand in front of the men and make the same pelvis lunges while singing a high dying fall of “Oiiiyo..yo” in counterpoint to the men. Although bodies come in close proximity, they do not touch.

During singing and dancing performances, the movements of the head and neck are important. As the singers breathe out, the head is stuck out and then tipped farther back when they breathe in. This pattern creates a uniform "bobbing" of the Masai's heads as they sing. Kind of like teenagers at a rock concert. Many Masai songs are sung in a call and response pattern, with the women singing one part and the men responding.


Kenya cuisine

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Since Kenya had a long-standing relationship with foreign settlers and its colonization by the British, cooking and presentation of Kenyan foods have been greatly influenced by the Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs, and Europeans.  Also before Kenya became an independent nation in the 1960s, tribes and communities lived and migrated around the entire eastern African region. For that reason, some recipes are common also to Uganda and Tanzania.

Another fact about the Kenya cuisine is that Kenya is made up of more than 40 different tribes, all with various histories and traditions; so Kenyan food is mainly traditional and nearly all of Kenya's tribes own a specific meal as their staple food.



Ugali is probably one of the most common foods in Kenya cuisine. It's a simple staple made from corn or maize flour and water. Depending on how it is being served, it can be thin like porridge or fairly stiff and doughy. Though it can be eaten with a spoon or fork, it's usually eaten by hand with meat or vegetables, like a bread. Similar dishes are known in the United States as polenta, or grits.

Sukuma Wiki

 The name "Sukuma Wiki" actually translates to "stretch or push the week".  It's a dish used to make meals last longer.  A pan of kale or other local greens if fried with onion and tomato. Sometimes it's just all simmered together in some water.


Today, Githeri can be found all through Kenya but the dish was originally eaten by the Kikuyu tribe in the central regions of the country. It's basically


Nairobi Nightlife: Bars & Night Clubs

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Night life in Nairobi is very vibrant and animated with African music providing a powerful incentive to dance. Nairobi has numerous bars, nightclubs and pubs which can be found everywhere particularly around Westlands and Parklands. The rhythm in Nairobi is fast and Nairobi is indeed a city that never sleeps day and night!

You can enjoy a night out at one of the many Nairobi Bars and Night clubs, watch a movie or have dinner in one of Nairobi best restaurants and coffee shops.  At night, Nairobi offers abundant entertainment options catering to different interests. Nairobi nightlife traditionally starts at bar first, since the clubs and discos in Kenya don’t get busy until around midnight and don’t close until the sun rises.

Several clubs in many parts of Nairobi offer cultural nights which feature music, traditional foods and drinks from some of  main ethnic communities in Kenya proving an excellent opportunity to the foreigners to see Kenyans unplugged and hear Kenya’s biggest local music.

Nightlife in Nairobi has more in store with its movie theatres, casinos, restaurants, cafes and bars. Several hotels have clubs and bars on their premises making it easy for their guests to enjoy the nightlife. Nairobi nightlife can be enjoyed at the fullest with drinks and getting down and dirty at the beats of the local and international Dj's.

Here are the best places to enjoy nightlife of Nairobi:

Gipsy Bar:

This friendly bar features an audience of mixed crowd of expats and Kenyans.  The music is a mix of import pop and African beats. It has also a snack menu should you feel peckish between Tusker beers.  Gipsy Bar is located at Woodvale Grove, Westlands, Nairobi.

Club Barn

Club Barn is a fantastic place.alt It consists of 3 main areas:  The main bar, The upper Foyer and the Bonfire Patio.  There is a new lounge with its own bar area totally secluded from the main disco area where you can chat away with your friends while drinking your  liquor or cocktails.

The Bonfire is lit every night with chairs placed around it for a warm effect where customers can interact freely in a very good and reasonably quiet place. Grills are also strategically placed around the lobby for Nyama Choma and other Grilled specialties.

The outdoor Bar & Grill is a very good and unique feature strategically placed to serve those outside.

Club barn is situated on Ngong Road inside the Ngong Race Course.


Havana Restaurante and Bar:

Located on Woodvale Grove, Westlands Havana is the Latin style cocktail bar that serves a wide selection of drinks. Havana features a full-fledged restaurant menu with regularly changing specials as well as a casual Bar - Renowned for their sizzling Fajitas, steaks and seafood dishes. The Bar caters for any taste from crisp and fruity daiquiris to the classic mojito with fresh mint.   Kenyan beers and a wide range of quality spirits are available. At Havana the weekend starts on Thursdays with D.j Zelalem, followed by D.j Sumo on Friday and Live Music with 'smooth licks' on Saturday.

 Modern Green Day and Night Club and Friendship Corner:

These two pubs are the most budget friendly and possibly the most entertaining in town, both are across from each other on Latema. Instead of buying beers for KSh 120 like you would at the Floridas or Simba Saloon, they sell for a measly KSh 70. Remember to be careful, they’re in a partly dangerous part of town. You may come across local women looking for men. They may not be interested in you but what you have in your wallet!

Pango (F3):

Located on Moi Avenue, this cocktail lounge attracts a lot of expats, tourists and upper class Nairobians.

F3 is the place to be for adult entertainment. With live dancers every night of the week

Simba Saloon:

It has probably the nicest discotheque in Nairobi. Furthermore you can’t miss it as it located at the famous Carnivore restaurant on Langata Road.  And trust me… Everyone knows carnivore restaurant in Nairobi. This huge nightclub is the top dance spot in Nairobi, and it positively heaves on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The crowd is a mix of Kenyan party people, expat teenagers, global travellers and aid workers on their nights off.  So you now know it! For the ultimate Nairobi night out, dine at Carnivore first, and then dance off dinner at Simba!

 Nairobi Klub House:

K1 is located at Ojijo Road, Parklands and a short drive away from the city centre in the suburb of parklands, is Nairobi’s foremost sports bar, pool saloon and ‘Klub’

DJs, jazz bands, reggae outfits and even country music stars grace the stage at this popular K1 sports bar, central Nairobi. Styled a bit like a safari lodge, the lower paradise floor has a bar set against Nairobi’s biggest fish tank, plus and in-built Boogie dance floor with the best DJ music.

Upstairs is called Haven, which houses Nairobi’s largest pool saloon, with seven quality pool tables. Live satellite sports can be enjoyed on many TV’s plus big screens on both floors. Entrance at K1 is always free.

 Nairobi Zanze Bar:

The club on Moi Avenue in the Kenya Cinema Plaza is frequently visited by local people and also a favorite among the tourists. A friendly top-floor bar, with pool tables, cheap food and a wide selection of drinks, that gets very busy on weekends. Weekdays tend to be quieter, but plenty of Nairobi city workers swing by for a cold Tusker beer on their way home from work.

 Florida 2000 Discotheque:

Florida 2000 Discotheque, also well-known as 'F2', is located on Moi Avenue and is Nairobi’s most popular disco. It’s very comfortable inside with sofas and many separate bars. The audience is varied with locals mixing with tourists and expats from all over the world.

No matter what you are looking for Florida 2000 is a fun place to spend the night. Entry is KSh 250 for guys, 150 for women. The club opens at 9pm and generally closes at around 6am.  Florida has had a number of internationally recognised artists come by over the years: Coolio, Shaggy, Kumar Kapur,  Kelly Brown,  Chaka Demus and Pliers,  Koffi Olomide, Glenn Washington, J oseph Hills and many more.

 New Florida Nightclub

Partner to the long-established Florida 2000, New Florida is on  Koinange street . This lively nightclub in the heart of Nairobi earns its nickname – the ‘Mad House’ – at weekends. The crowd is predominantly local, the music mixed, and the atmosphere frenetic. And check out the building – like a flying saucer that has collided with an office block.

Hang on! Before you move on, there is another list known as Nairobi Sex Dens. Some would call these places brothels and are very popular indeed.

Let me just say that I will simply provide the list. What people decide to do with it is their own choice. There is surprise that some night clubs mentioned above are on the Nairobi Sex Dens list.

Here we go:

  1. Sabina Joy, Moi Avenue
  2. F1 aka Madhouse, Koinange Street
  3. Florida 2000 aka F2, Moi Avenue
  4. Simmers, Kenyatta Avenue
  5. Tahiti, off Luthuli Avenue
  6. Fameland, at a place known as "Commercial"
  7. Black Diamond, Electric Avenue
  8. Sailors, Hurlingham
  9. iClub(formerly known as Tacos), Kimathi Street
  10. Apple Bees, off Luthuli Avenue



Main theatres in Nairobi

 Kenya National Theatre:

KNT is opposite the Norfolk Hotel and features classic and contemporary drama and musicals, with the emphasis on Kenyan actors and playwrights. It’s the very heart of the theatre arena in Kenya and it often hosts shows from other African countries.