Best Places To Go in Kampala

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Best Places To Go in Kampala
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Whether you are in Uganda for gorilla trekking safaris or any kind of business, Kampala willModern Kampala City. be your starting point. It is a safe city and easy enough to navigate on foot, despite a complete lack of signposting. The most used means of transport in Kampala are taxis minibus known locally as matatus – they are common all over East Africa and depart only when are full. They are quick, cheap and convenient. There are two matatu parks in downtown Kampala, known as the –Old and –New  taxi parks, always crammed with thousands of identical looking vehicles,. It is where all matatus start and finish their journeys.  Despite seeming chaotic, they are actually very organised and you just need to ask where the matatu going in your direction is parked .  Just remember to yell the Swahili word for stop, ‘simama’ when you reach your destination.

Kampala’s motorbike taxis known as boda-boda (read as ‘border-border’) are convenient and cheap but a little scary. Unlike in the neighbour’s Rwanda, helmets are not worn. Just  yell in swahili  ‘pole pole’ – (slowly, slowly)  to your driver if you are uncomfortable with the speed.