Flying to Kenya and Tanzania

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 Tips For Passengers Flying to Kenya and Tanzania

On any given flight there are guaranteed to be different types of passengers with an assortment of different needs. But one thing is for certain: every traveller deserves a well-priced ticket within their budget to the destination of their choice. And not only that, travelers also deserve to spend their hard earned money with airlines that have taken the time to customise the flying experience to their every need. So if you're planning to embark on an exciting safari holiday to Kenya or Tanzania, please remember these very simple flight travel tips and advice below.


Families looking to save on the cost of Kenya flights should try to book them well in advance. At least a 2-3 month window is best for cheaper ticket prices, and the time will also give parents ample opportunities to explore the many travel options available for their for their children. Some airlines that service the various nations in the continent of Africa route have lap policies that allow young babies and toddlers to fly for free or at a lower rate if they sit on their parent's lap (which essentially saves a seat). Booking tickets in advance will also help families reserve seats together, versus being scattered throughout the cabin.


Student flyers are at a serious advantage when it comes to booking the best prices on airline tickets. Students and young people under the age of 26 can take advantage of discounted rates and certain privileges on airfare – and not just around South Africa, Kenya or nearby countries, but essentially to any destination in the world. Similar to family tickets, student tickets should be booked as far in advance as possible for the lowest fares and strategic seating.

Business Professionals

Business professionals in need of moderately priced airfare will find what they need here at Our search engine finds great prices quickly for those rushing to make those last minute business trips. And because most professionals' work never truly stops, the flights search engine will also the consummate businessman find tickets in business class complete with Wi-fi, electrical outlets and other tools necessary to keep professionals in touch with their work, making sure you are never out of the loop in your business and always on top of things.


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