FESPAD Festival

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Held every two years in Rwanda, the Pan-African Dance Festival/Festival Panafricain de la Danse (FESPAD) was set up by the 67th council of ministers of the former African Union Organisation (OAU) in February 1998 is an event that aims at developing the African continent and its people. Rwanda was given the honour of hosting FESPAD as a nation.

This international dance festival aims at "bringing together the African people so as to take an active part in the social, political, economic and cultural development of Africa." The festival is an occasion for Rwanda to showcase itself as a spectacular destination for dance.There is no better time to visit Rwanda than when Festpad is taking place. Join us in July 2012 for this stunning event!

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+2 #1 Sam 2012-04-02 17:03
Hi, what date is Fespad this year? Keen to go but can't find details on the dates anywhere?

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