Ethiopia Tours: Nightlife in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa Nightlife: Bars & Night Clubs

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Addis Ababa nightlife is a mixture of beautiful girls, Cocktails, Loud Music, Casinos and cinemas. The nightlife in Addis Ababa starts at around 11:00 p.m. till dawn. The clubs and bars of Addis Ababa serve the national drink of Ethiopia, tej, which is alcohol made from honey and tela. You can also find all the international brands of beers and spirit like Guinness and Johnnie Walker.

Some pubs and bars offer live band performances. The bars range from high end bars like Gaslight in Sheraton hotel to casual ones but full of fun like Memo. Though Gaslight resembles a Western disco, be sure to observe the dress code by leaving your sneakers and jeans at home. Platinum at Mikeyleland Road is great night spot.

addis ababa nightlife girls it is known for great music and dancing and VIP bar upstairs. Dress code is enforced as well: no jerseys, no jeans, no sneakers Platinum is open Thursdays-Saturdays. Flirt Lounge and Club Deep  should be on your list of  great night spots too .You can get the perfect mix of upscale comfort, plus a variety of drinks, at the Black Rose (including Jack Danniels, my favourite!). It has  also a strict dressing code that does not include sneakers and jeans. But there some other casual chilled lounges like the Meda sports bar and Grill. If you are the one who loves dancing then club Memo is the place for you, with its huge dance floor and latest tracks that will keep you on your feet the entire night.

If you are a jazz fan then you should be at the Black Rose on Thursday nights.  Club Illusion is very popular, with inexpensive drinks, great music, and a hopping dance floor.  For more dancing without the glam, try Memo, or go there to enjoy a drink in the outdoor courtyard. At the Meda Sports Bar & Grill, relax at the spacious bar and catch a game on television. Guests can also enjoy a more intimate setting in the downstairs lounge, or partake in a meal in the upstairs loft.


altWhen placing your drink order, consider trying tej, the national drink which is brewed from honey, or tela, which is like a beer. Another delicious choice is a juice spritz—fruit pulp served in layers, usually avocado, guava, banana, papaya, or mango. This delicious concoction is served in a glass and eaten with a spoon.

Addis  Live - near Atlas Hotel  traffic lights...on EU road on the right is also highly recommended.

Visitors should take in some night spots where Ethiopian music is played.  The Habasha Restaurant on Bole Road has a lively atmosphere and good dancers.  For azmari music, traditional music played on traditional instruments, such as the single stringed violin, without amplification, try Taji Bait on Micky Leland, near the Axum Hotel  end.  The area of Kasanchis has many azmari bait, it's possible to do an "azmari crawl", going from one house to another.   

Though Night life in Addis is about cheap drinks, noise music and above all, very beauutiful ethiopian girls.  Ababa gets moving around 11 pm, and goes on all night.  Apart from Kasanchis, check out Meskal Flower Road, the whole of Micky Leland Street, and for disco, the Dome next to Concorde Hotel.

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