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Aline Joyce's Corner's is a personal blog with stories about her personal life and her extra-curriculum activities. She features articles related to youth, youth social inclusion, volunteering, peace building in Rwanda as well as global issues.

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I am taking On The French Language...But why?

Posted by on in Aline Joyce's Corner
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I always thought speaking many languages was cool. My cousin Cynthia does speak up to 4 languages and she's still eager to learn more. I won't be surprised when she doubles the number as she's only 16. Yes! At 16 she's fluent in English, French , Dutch and her kinyarwanda is getting better and better everyday. We are so close as we realised we both value being multilingual in this ever changing world. While she's taking on German, I am in the middle of my french lessons.

For me it's not about how many languages I will be able to speak but how fluent I can be in my chosen languages when i turn 19. The general advice given to me was that it is much easier to learn and master a language when you are still young. My english is nearing where I want it to be...obviously!

So I thought my next target should be French. As I did with English, I am now having some intensive french lessons at Ecole Francaise in town. If there is a language I will learn and master in a very short period, that must be French as I already know the basics and was assessed as intermidiate by my teachers at the French school - L' Ecole Francaise de Saint Expery in Kiyovu.

The fact that my mum is fluent in French is a huge advantage to me. The same apply with Swahili obviously. So before the end of the year, I should be having 4 languages in the bag. The serious work will actually begin in January with my spanish classes. You always need the best tutors - preferably native speakers - to make sure you are on the right track. So having native french and spanish teachers will help my proficiency a great deal.

So what is so special at speaking multiple languages I hear you ask!

There are obvious reasons regarding job opportunities. The more languages you speak the more chances you may get for employment and global trade - dealing with or supplying goods and services. Everyone agrees on this fact huh? But if I want to be honest with my blog readers, this is not the main reason I am eager to speak multiple languages. I hope you can agree with me that I am still too young to worry much about who might be my employer in 7 or 8 years time. The right answer to that - is simple and was given right at the beginning of this article:

I find it really cool and fascinating to be able to communicate with different people from different nationalities and cultures. More seriously though, Intercultural understanding begins with individuals who have language abilities and who can provide one's own nation or community with an insider's view into foreign cultures. Someone who can understand foreign news sources, and give insights into other perspectives on international situations and current events and bridge the gap between communities.

Imagine a scenario when participating in an international youth forum you find yourself with Chinese, Germans, Brazilians and  Congolese. It is very likely of course that everyone will be speaking English as medium language for most fora and conferences. But  you will learn a different experience from these participants if you can talk to the german in flawless German, make an aside to the Brazilian guy in Portuguese, turn over your shoulder to say something in French or tell a joke in Mandarin before you shout over to the forum organizer in English - all with easy. How cool is that?

Did you know? German is the most spoken language in Europe with 4 nationalities using it as native speakers. Are you interested in learning German or Spanish but you don't know how to find a good tutor at reasonable prices in Kigali ? Drop me an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Aline Joyce Berabose is a keen reader and writer. She writes about issues related to youth and peace building. At 17, she has developed interest in blogging and global issues at early age. One of the brightest scholars in science, Multilingual and good communicator, Aline Joyce is involved in several activities including volunteering and debating.