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An Afternoon with Meilleur Murindabigwi, the guy behind Igihe Ltd.

Posted by on in Aline Joyce's Corner
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Hi guys!

I has been a while since i published an article. But am happy i can tell you i was working behind the scenes by gaining some technical knowledge that is going to help me adding some amazing features to my blog. I had also the chance to meet some high profile individuals in the business. One of the them being the Boss of Igihe Ltd.

I was always inspired by Igihe Ltd success story and thought it would be cool to meet the guy who was behind the idea of creating and ask him some questions about the company as well as some advice about my job as a young blogger. The interview was arranged for last Saturday in his office. At about 15:00 -  a very tall, humble and smiling guy came to meet me in one of Igihe's visitors rooms. After a few chit chats and a delicious dinner with Meilleur, I knew Igihe Ltd was born from vision, simplicity and patriotism.

Here is the script of my Interview with Meilleur Murindabigwi, CEO of Igihe Limited:

Aline Joyce: Who 1st had the idea of creating and where the Idea came from?

Meilleur Murindabigwi: I am the one who got the idea sometime in 2007. I was fed up with untrue stories being written about Rwanda, most strories were written by foreign media and i thought that it had to change. At the time i was studying Business and IT at NUR. So i mobilized fellow students from different universities. At the same period, the government was also heavily encouraging ICT initiatives throughout the country.

AJ: is among the 30 000 most visited websites in the world as we speak, did you guys knew it would be a such success?


MM: Not really! The success exceeded our expectations. In the beginning the target was 1000 visitors a month after one year period, hoping to make an income of around 250 000 RWF a month from then. But the 1st month was enough to attract 1000 visitors and the 1st year we did make more than 3 millions. How could i  have predicted this? I would never thought the site would rank in the top 30 000 in the entire world either. First of all, i did not have any office nor a computer to do my job. The room where i slept was also my office. I had to borrow laptops from different classmates each time i needed to do anything. So from that you can't imagine being among the most visited websites worldwide. I can recall one time when one guy wanted to see how i was working and i had to take him into my office. When he got into my room he was like: OMG! Is this your office huh? I was so ashamed  and never thought that one day i was going to afford furniture, buy computer TVs for each office and make as much money..Yeah I didn't know my company would be successful.

AJ: How do you choose the stories you write about everyday and how to know they are interesting to your audience?

MM: For that question i can only mention that we have redaction teams. They usually meet up in the morning and they are the ones to choose stories and how to get the content.

AJ: Who's the youngest in your team?

MM: Uhhhmm... Let me say that we have so many, especially in our technical team. They do come mainly from high schools. Some are under 20 years old. I do hire many young people because i have realised their level of perfomance is greater than that of adults. So we always have places for young adults for internships.

AJ: Which kind of stories that interest young people mostly?

MM: Most young people are nowadays much interested in showbiz. This is why at Igihe Ltd we are planning to add showbiz innovation to our products. This will be about entertainment etc...

AJ: If I was a member of team which job do you think i would be doing?

Igihe Ltd extended its services to Burundi.

MM: OK, You would be writing about different things such as articles as you already do.

AJ: I read where other bloggers say that traffic equals money and you guys and myself know that is very popular. Is igihe Ltd now a multimillion company?

MM: Yes, As I said earlier, we make money  and more money than we initially expected and we are still going  because this is not the end.

AJ: Where do you want to see Igihe Ltd in 10 years from now?

MM: It is hard to answer that question because last time when i had an interview with the BBC they asked me the same question and I said I did not know because all i dream about is not what i see. There are always surprises. So what i need is Igihe Ltd to keep improving but i would not be able to say at which level right now and I of course wish my plans to always be wrong!

AJ: How many staff have you got at the moment at Igihe Ltd?

MM: We have 14 members of staff but the number can increase to up to 20 or 25 as we sometimes bring in part time workers mostly during school holidays.

AJ: Can a 17 years old girl makes a living from blogging?

MM: Yes, Why not? when you are good at something it always pays off no matter your age. As I said, we have so many young people working in our company aged below 20 years including a 17 years old and some of them pay school fees by themselves from the money they earn from here.

AJ: What is the question you were expecting but was not not asked?

MM: Hmmnn.. Actually you asked the most important questions so I think none was left behind.

AJ: Thank you for having me!

So last week was a great one for me. Apart from my interview with this successful entrepreneur, I learned from Meilleur about an another interesting project about youth and am hoping to be part and give my contribution to our beloved nation.


See You Soon!


Aline Joyce Berabose is a keen reader and writer. She writes about issues related to youth and peace building. At 17, she has developed interest in blogging and global issues at early age. One of the brightest scholars in science, Multilingual and good communicator, Aline Joyce is involved in several activities including volunteering and debating.