US Embassy in DRC - Kinshasa

310, Avenue des Aviateurs, Kinshasa
(243)81 556-0151
(243) 81 55 60 175
The United States Embassy in Democratic republic of Congo - DRC is located in Kinshasa and has 4 main sections: Political section is responsible for advising the Ambassador on the overall conduct of U.S. relations with the DRC. The consular section promote the safety and welfare of American citizens in Congo, protect the United States and its residents by prohibiting the entry of those with intent to do harm and facilitate the travel of legitimate visa applicants to the United States. The Economic and Commercial Section is responsible for interacting with the Congolese government in matters pertaining to its economic relationship with the United States and for gathering information and reporting about the DRC’s economic situation to officials in Washington and elsewhere. This encompasses a wide variety of areas from commercial advocacy, international business, natural resources, transportation, banking, finance, agriculture, labor, infrastructure, and of course communicating with the Ministry Officials of the DRC. The Public Affairs Section of the United States Embassy in Kinshasa seeks to promote an informed and objective understanding of American policies, institutions, and societal values amongst the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. There is also a small military attache and the Embassy coordinates activities of its aid agency known as USAID.
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