Animals & Conservation

Wildlife and conservation terms refer to all living organisms in their natural habitat other than cultivated plants and domestic animals. Protecting natural habitats is crucial to human survival as it allows us to maintain ecological balance of nature and  food chains cycles.
Many wild plants provide useful substances like paper and gums even medecines. Wild animals products are tusk, ivory, leather, honey and much more.

Pehaps the most important contribution of wildlife for human  developpment is availability of much needed genepool for the scientists to carry breeding programmes in different areas such as agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery. We list tourism and africa safaris sites as well as programmes involved in animal conservation and protection of natural habitat in general. Get listed today.

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World Wildlife Fund

World Wildlife Fund WWF is the world's leading organization in wildlife conservation and endangered species.It protects endangered wildlife such as mountain gorillas and environments and has several programmes to tackle climate change and promoting sustainable use of re ...

Safaris Africana

Safaris Africana The Safaris Africana website aims to cut through the – sometimes confusing – plethora of safari information available online. We offer a broad range of African safari resources and reading materials to help make researching and booking a safari easy.