Dining and Nightlife

Kampala has dining options ranging from the cheap and the local, to the very fancy and very expensive. Everywhere you go in Kampala, you'll be greeted by hole-in-the-wall signs for restaurants. Most of these restos don't have menus, so you'll have to ask what's available for the day. Common options include meat beef, rice, beans and matooke. Other dishes are fish and chips or chicken and chips.

For a street snack, the famous "Rolex" is very enjoyable. It is made out of a chapati wrapped around an omelet, with cabbage and tomatoes. Other street food also includes roast chicken, goat and beef. This is usually served with a chips or salad or both.

 If you are looking for something healthier but still want to enjoy the experience of roadside eating, the best bargain is roasted corn or maize. Freshness is guaranteed as maize is a common plant found throughout Uganda. There are many Indian restaurants in Kampala, like Haandi on Kampala Road; Masala Chat and Govindas on Dewington Road. Khyber Pass behind NSSF; and Indian Summer in Tankhill Parade. Khana Khazana is one of the best (but more expensive) Indian restaurant.

It is on Acacia Avenue, up from the Protea Hotel, in Kololo. Overall Jinja Road is a good place for a variety of meals where you can choose from a wide variety of options including Lebanese, Italian, Indian, and more. The best restaurants and coffee shops in Kampala are listed in here.

For the nightlife in Kampala, Ugandans like to party and thus there is no shortage of nightspots to let your hair down. The more popular clubs in Kampala are in the old industrial. Club Silk, Rouge and Angenoir Mystique are the best. Here you can plan on staying late and up into the early dawn, as it is known for always providing a good time.

Silk and Ange Noir are relatively close to each other, so if you get tired of one, just take a stroll to the other. The best night clubs in Kampala are listed in here.

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