Hotels in Hoima - Uganda

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African Village Guest House Hoima

African Village Guest House Hoima is located on the right just after St. Peter's Cathedral, 3 hours drive from Kampala, 4 hours from Fort Portal and 45 minutes from Masindi. It is situated from Murchison Falls National Park, Kibale Forest National Park an ...

TelephoneTel: + 256 (0) 772 474 972

Kontiki Hotel HOIMA

P.O. Box 447 Hoima, Uganda

KonTiki Hotel is located on the approach to Hoima town; 2kms along Kampala Road, just next to Habitat Area. It offers an ideal accommodation for your stay the greenery Victoria gardens, great food in Gabbie's restaurant, the ambience of Amooti's bar with ...

Telephone+256 (0)772 775 005, +256 (0)773 304 752 and +256 (0) 465 442 890

Hoima Resort Hotel

P. O. Box 378, Hoima, Uganda

Hoima Resort Hotel is located at Hoima Town, in Western Uganda, 5 minutes from Town centre and 3 hours from Entebbe International Airport through Kampala City. It provides self-contained rooms well designed with warm colors and fine fabrics, 3 Restaurants ...

Telephone+256 782 929 092, +256 456 440 734

Crown Hotel Hoima

Plot No. 54 -58 Mandela Road

Crown Hotel Hoima is located on the wonderful Hills of Kijjungu, just 1/2Km within Hoima Town, Mid-Western Uganda. It offers accommodation with self contained rooms, telephone, refrigeratos and satellite TV; conference facilities; bar and restaurant; swim ...

Telephone+256 772501227 +256 773699606

Kijungu Hill Hotel Hoima

Plot 7 Circular Road, Senior Quarters- Kijungu; Po Box 378 Hoima, Western Uganda

Kijungu Hill Hotel is located atop the well planned Kijungu Hill Hotel in Hoima within a pleasant neighbourhood, Western Uganda, a five minutes drive from the town centre, 3 hours drive from Entebbe international Airport through Kampala City along an exce ...

Telephone+256 774 688 402, +256 362 274 218

Hoima Kolping House

Po Box 76 Hoima-Uganda

Hoima Kolping House is located on Butiaba Road only within short walking distance from Hoima town bus stand. It provides comfortable accommodation with single and double beds, well stocked bar and restaurant witch offers delicious African dishes, buffet, ...

Telephone+256 465 40167
Fax+256 456 40313