VIP Hotel - Juba

211 955 203 834 / 211 95 519 085 / 211 929209 253
VIP Hotel is one of the newest hotels in Juba and has better facilities than many other hotels in Juba. It This is in a busy Juba street near Juba University.There are ten spacious self contained rooms with a big fridge and satellite TV, There is an enclosed air conditioned bar and restaurant with four very beautiful Ethiopian waitresses all in stylish blue dresses It has a restaurant, massage parlor and hairdresser. There is wireless internet in the hotel. The price of a room with breakfast is $ 100 per night. The hotel is quite small so it has a private environment indoors and protected. A meal costs about 20 pounds, a fruit juice costs 5 pounds. A full body massage done by an beautiful Ethiopian lady costs 70 pounds. At night there is live music with Ethiopia girls dancing.
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