Shalom Hotel - Juba

+211 122 010249 / +211 977 129164.
Shalom Hotel is located on the main road from the airport right opposite the Sahara Hotel. The hotel stands out from the surroundings with a bright red and brown painted stone wall and tree shaped painted stone pillars. The reception is small but with a very friendly staff. The small indoor bar and restaurant is divided into an upper restaurant section and a lower bar section, it is tastefully furnished with large draped curtains over the floor to ceiling windows and cream tiled floor. There is relaxing ethiopian and soul music and the staff are quick and professional. The restaurant menu is varied and cheap as burgers and snacks  cost from 12 pounds while other meal, continental, italian and pizza cost around 20 pounds per meal. The Ethiopian is their specialty, well spiced, and more than you can finish. The bar is well displayed and stocked, Self contained rooms with wireless internet, air conditioning, fridge and satellite TV go for around $120 bed and breakfast.