Sahara Hotel - Juba

+211 122 406863 / +211 927 828400
Sahara Hotel is the nearest hotel from the airport with good facilities and services. Sahars is is a Lebanese run hotel that offers accommodation, restaurant, bar, conference hall, salon, barber at 20 pounds and massage at 70 pounds. It has a lovely and elegant reception with 4 low sofa couches and two glass top coffee tables for visitors. There are pastries on display. They serve a la carte continental, Lebanese, Chinese, Italian and pizza at around 35 pounds per meal. There is a huge open air bar and paved seating area in the middle of the compound with three rock fountains and stone wild animal figures. The rooms are double story prefabs but very beautifully painted with yellow and cream checkers. A single room self contained, air conditioned, wireless internet, satellite TV and fridge costs $180 bed and breakfast.
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