ll Paradiso Hotel and Restaurant - Juba

Airport Road, Juba
+211 977 126765 / +211 121 012788
Paradiso Hotel and Restaurant in Juba is a medium sized hotel on the main road located below the ministries and UN Ocha. They have a medium sized open sided bar and restaurant. The hotel specializes in Ethiopian food at around 25 pounds per meal, but also serve Continental dishes including Pizza, steaks and pork chops at 30 pounds They also offer a charcoal grill where they prepare several types of grilled skewers and steaks as you watch. In the evening they play very soft music as the patrons sit in the dining having drinks and chatting. There are five pretty waitresses and their service is pretty very fast. The rooms are simple priced at US$ 75 self contained, air conditioned with wireless. It is very unlikely one can find another hotel on the main road with such services at that price. Their sister hotel, Dolce Vita, is around the corner.