Keren Hotel - Juba

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Keren Hotel is a 22 new and clean rooms hotel that was opened October 2010. It has spacious self contained rooms with ten channel satellite TV, fridge, air conditioned, wireless internet etc for around 160 dollars. There is a 50 seater conference room, a cosy and air conditioned bar and a tidy restaurant also conditioned and withlarge screen tv for international news. Breakfast is 20 pounds while for lunch and supper is a wide a la carte menu. There are 6 sections of the menu, salads, soups, continental food, Italian, Eritrean and desserts, steaks, pizza, spaghetti , Injera dishes around 25 pounds, or you can have a hamburger and chips for 25 and more. The top 2 most popular restaurants in Juba are located next to Keren Hotel. Queen of Sheba and Spice and herbs.
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