Hotels and Guest Houses in Juba

Hotels in Juba: There are many good hotels and Guest houses in Juba, South Sudan with a variety of amenities. Tent camps are no longer popular as number of hotels and guest houses keep growing. Most accommodation is full-board, with buffet meals and showers. Good accommodations in Juba are situated along the Niver Nile, along Thong Ping road as well as near Juba Airport. Hotels in Juba's Thong Ping area are highly recommended as they are on the main power line to the State House so they boast the best uninterrupted power. Thong Ping is between the Airport, the United Nations offices and the Government Ministries.


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Acacia Village - Juba

Mundri Road, Gudele, Juba, Southern Sudan

Acacia Village - Juba Acacia Village in Juba is owned and operated by the Operational Support Services Group (OSS). OSS has a proven track record of operating the best hotels and residences in South Sudan. Acacia is the top end of accomodation available in Juba at reasona ...

Telephone+249 905311056

Bros Hotel - Juba

River Nile, Juba

Bros Hotel in Juba is located on the river Nile with a vegetable garden between the hotel and the river with a high chain link fence for security. This hotel has an open front restaurant overlooking the mango tree shaded terrace serving continental and Ke ...

Telephone+211 977 195 942 / 211 977 107 966

Beijing Juba Hotel - Juba

Behind the ministries off Thong Ping road, Juba

Beijing Juba Hotel - Juba Beijing Juba Hotel is a very comfortable but most expensive hotel in Juba. Prices start prices $100 for a self contained room Bed and Breakfast. It is very pacious with a customer service with three staff at reception. The hotel style is prefabs but very ...

Telephone+211 811 823889 / +211 977 153666

Logali House Hotel - Juba

Thong Ping Road, Juba

Logali House Hotel - Juba Logali House Hotel is Juba's best upmarket hotel and is conveniently situated at 5 minutes from Juba Airport and Juba town. It's an old house which has been converted into a small hotel, of 21 rooms. The rooms are around $275 for a single bed an ...

Telephone+211-977 103800 / +211 957103800

Juba Regency Hotel - Juba

Juba Regency Hotel - Juba Juba Regency Hotel is located behind John Garang International school and was opened in 2011. The hotel entrance is magnificently adorned with a chandelier, pillars and green plastic palm trees. The front of the hotel has a very well furnished and decorat ...

Telephone+211 955 506070

ll Paradiso Hotel and Restaurant - Juba

Airport Road, Juba

Paradiso Hotel and Restaurant in Juba is a medium sized hotel on the main road located below the ministries and UN Ocha. They have a medium sized open sided bar and restaurant. The hotel specializes in Ethiopian food at around 25 pounds per meal, but also ...

Telephone+211 977 126765 / +211 121 012788

Juba Grand Hotel

Juba Grand Hotel The Juba Grand Hotel is located in the heart of Juba, South Sudan between the old town and the new city. Only 5 Minutes from the Juba international airport. The property is on 4,5 ha in size land. The hotel has 100 rooms and were all revamped during the s ...

Telephone+ 211 955 026 141 /+ 211 128 787 532

Sahara Hotel - Juba

Sahara Hotel - Juba Sahara Hotel is the nearest hotel from the airport with good facilities and services. Sahars is is a Lebanese run hotel that offers accommodation, restaurant, bar, conference hall, salon, barber at 20 pounds and massage at 70 pounds. It has a lovely and e ...

Telephone+211 122 406863 / +211 927 828400

New Sudan Palace Hotel - Juba

New Sudan Palace Hotel is situated on the main road from the airport. The hotel is a huge building with large and immaculate gardens. It has large self contained rooms, suites and a presidential suite in its fifth floor. The normal Suite are well furnishe ...

Telephone+211-903 833315 / +211-903 833316

Shalom Hotel - Juba

Shalom Hotel is located on the main road from the airport right opposite the Sahara Hotel. The hotel stands out from the surroundings with a bright red and brown painted stone wall and tree shaped painted stone pillars. The reception is small but with a v ...

Telephone+211 122 010249 / +211 977 129164.

Amarat Classic Hotel - Juba

Amarat Classic Hotel - Juba Amarat Classic Hotel is ideally located at the heart of Juba. The hotel provides access to a pedestrian walkway, linking to the centre of the main business street as well as to the airport. It has 35 spacious guest rooms and suites, many of them providing ...

Telephone+211 47 705 523

Juba Bridge Hotel

Nimule-Torit Road | Kator, Juba KT0124

Juba Bridge Hotel Juba Bridge Hotel, as its name implies, is located in Juba, the capital of South Sudan. It is placed adjacent to Juba Bridge, which is the only Nile Crossing in all South Sudan. Rooms consist of Prefab Rooms, suites Ccass A and suites class B. This restau ...

Telephone+211959001142 / +211955013542

Bedouin Lodge - Juba

Bedouin Lodge - Juba Bedouin Lodge is located within the Juba Central Business District (CBD), close to Ministries and Governmental Departments, whilst also being 500 meters from the Great White Nile. Accommodation at Bedouin Lodge comprises of 30 rooms furnished with Beds, ...

Telephone+211 955 213 730 / +211 955 213 732

Summer Palace Hotel - Juba

Summer Palace Hotel - Juba Summer Palace Hotel is a harmonious Chinese-style hotel and is located in the centre of Juba Town, Southern Sudan and near west Nile River, a few minutes walk from Banks Area in town. very convenient for business as set near main banks and businesses such ...

Telephone+211 477 106 433

Holiday Hotel - Juba

Holiday Hotel - Juba Holiday Hotel is situated in Malakia/Malakal area, near the Uganda Consulate ideal place for business travelers to Malakia commercial area and NGO offices mostly located in Hai Malakal. Due to its location far from the river, Holiday hotel is very clean a ...

Telephone+211 977 109 921 / +211 955 026 234

New York Hotel - Juba

New York Hotel - Juba New York Hotel is located on the main road from the city centre to river Nile. As per its name suggest, the hotel has it has a modern look. The entrance is a medium size lobby, leading to a terrace with one mango tree for shade. Most guests like the ...

Telephone+211 977 127193

Keren Hotel - Juba

Keren Hotel - Juba Keren Hotel is a 22 new and clean rooms hotel that was opened October 2010. It has spacious self contained rooms with ten channel satellite TV, fridge, air conditioned, wireless internet etc for around 160 dollars. There is a 50 seater conference room, a ...

Telephone+211 955 310 709 /

Mountain View Hotel - Juba

Yei Road - Behind Customes Bus Park

Mountain View Hotel - Juba Mountain View Hotel is situated behind Customs Bus Station on the Yei road and is the most ideal hotel for people coming in by bus. The road leading to the entrance is very busy with many small shops and malls. Currently the hotel has 18 rooms self contai ...

VIP Hotel - Juba

VIP Hotel - Juba VIP Hotel is one of the newest hotels in Juba and has better facilities than many other hotels in Juba. It This is in a busy Juba street near Juba University.There are ten spacious self contained rooms with a big fridge and satellite TV, There is an enclo ...

Telephone211 955 203 834 / 211 95 519 085 / 211 929209 253