Juba town on the Equity Bank road
Gemtel a privately owned company was licensed by the Government of South Sudan (GoSS) in 1996 and launched commercial GSM services shortly after in the cities of Juba and Yei. By mid-2009 the company had expanded its footprint to cover Waw, Torit, Bor and Rumbek. It is an indigenous network but can not be dialed by any of the other networks, so Gemtel users can only call other Gemtel users. This was initially to block new entrants to the market, but now is a disadvantage as there are several new networks. The phone code is +256 instead of +249. Initially it had the best network, but as the country developed, people are moving to other networks. It was the best to use if driving into Sudan from Kenya or Uganda as you could buy the card and have coverage before entering the country.
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