JIP Supermarket - Juba

Next to Juba Raha Hotel, Juba
JIP is the main and important supermarket in Juba by far. It is located just after Zain, next to Juba Raha hotel. The whole supermarket is air conditioned, spacious and clean. The JIT supermarket attracts mainly expatriate customers by offering a selection of packaged foods and alcohol, including South African wine, spirits and foods. But it has litterally everything you would expect in a modern supermarket and even more specialized items: clothes, shoes, cosmetics, toiletries, newspapers and magazines, electronics, computer accessories, chocolates, juices, soda, ice cream, cold processed meats, kitchen equipment, fridges, generators, cookers, their own brand of bottled water, bags, stationery, and so many other items. It has a whole floor of of furniture upstairs. There are two automated check out points.
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