Shopping places in Juba are increasing as many businesses open every day. All supplies to South Sudan are trucked in from Uganda making things expensive, but as more traders set up shops and supermarkets in Juba supplies are increasing and prices are falling. However, you should still expect to pay from 30% to 100% more than you would in Kampala. The new Customs Market (Jebel market) and Konyo Konyo market are the prime general shopping areas, with fresh fruit, over-priced building materials and other consumer goods. Malakia is the main commercial centre in Juba. Malakia has thousands of shops where one can buy computers, electonics, cameras, loptop accessories, mobile phones, medicines, cosmetics and many more. Malakia also hosts bank branches including the Kenya Commercial Bank. The air conditioned JIT Supermarket is the main supermarket next to Juba Raha Hotel. Jit advertises to have ‘everything under one roof’. Not many people can argue with that as JIT supermarket is very well stocked. Everywhere will accept Sudanese pounds, even if prices are quoted in US dollars. Also you can change British pounds, Euros or Ugandan shillings at the Kenya Commercial Bank in town for rates in line with those in Khartoum.

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