Many countries have opened Embassies or consulates in South Sudan. All Embassies and consulates in South Sudan are based in Juba. We have listed them with contact details and their location. It is highly recommended you register with your embassy as soon as you arrive in the country.

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United States Embassy in Juba

Thong Ping, Juba

United States Embassy in Juba The United States Consulate General Juba opened in 2005. It was transformed into an Embassy at midnight on July 9, 2011 when the Republic of South Sudan became independent. It is also the headquarters for the U.S. Agency for International Development miss ...

Telephone(256) 477 236 456 (24h/7) / (001) 202 216 6279 / (001) 202 216 6279 Ext 216 /

British Embassy in Juba

EU Compound,, Tong Ping Road

British Embassy in Juba The British Embassy in Juba is in the European Union Compound and is charged with fostering bilateral relations between the UK and South Sudan.

Telephone+211 955 584 193

Ambassade de la France - Juba

Tong Ping Road, Juba

Ambassade de la France - Juba The French Consulate General in located in the European Union Compound, located at the upper end of Tong Ping road, (Tel.+ 249 957 127549 and +249 955 587332). In the same compound, there also the Dutch and British Consulate Generals.

Telephone+ 249 957 127 549 / +249 955 587 332

Chinese Embassy in South Sudan

Beijing Hotel, Juba

Chinese Embassy in South Sudan The Chinese Embassy in Juba is located within the Beijing Hotel, opposite the GATC, Government Accounting Training Centre. The Chinese presence in Juba is huge and chinese have several business activities in the country.


Uganda Consulate in Juba

Hai Malakhal, Juba

Uganda Consulate in Juba Ugandan consulate in Juba is situated on the main road to Malakia, opposite the Hai Malakal area. Uganda has the largest community in Juba with a good reason and their embassy is always busy. There is an association of Ugandans that is very active.

Telephone+249-811821 566

Embassy of Norway in South Sudan - Juba

Hai Malakal, Juba

Embassy of Norway in South Sudan - Juba The Royal Norwagian Embassy in Juba is located on the main street at Hai Malakal, with the residence on the main street in Juba town. The Embassy is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00

Telephone+249 959 000 257