Ebony Restaurant - Juba

Ebony Restaurant in Juba is owned by a Kenyan Indian partnered with the sons of the late John Garang. It is believed the restaurant is named Ebony which was the code name for the leader of the independence struggle. The restaurant is located in the compound belonging to the family of John Garang too which also houses the John Garang International School and Athiyei Beauty Salon. The large air conditioned dining hall has around 20 tables, and there is a large verandah with another 10 tables, they seat around 100 customers comfortably with style and elegance. They have soft background music and historical pictures to adorn the walls. Ebony restaurant offers a rich menu is mainly of Indian food with prices ranging from 30 to 40 pounds depending on your choice and combination of meal. The owner previously ran two other restaurants in Juba and wants to cater for the top class of the town. They have high class deli sandwiches for lunch.