Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Best Restaurants in Juba - South Sudan: There is a selection of good restaurants and cafes in Juba, southern Sudan's capital. Shanghai and Da Vinci restaurants are well known for magical chinese food and the best pizzas in town respectively. Home and Away serves great thai food but has also second continental restaurant serving nice western food at western prices. Numerous tent camps on the Nile offer buffets at varied but affordable prices but the Rock city with views over Juba has more western clientele.  Restaurant at Acacia village with its relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of Juba, coupled with its tasty food menu would make the top 10 restaurants in Juba. The best authentic indian food is at Spice and Herbs restaurant while Queen of Sheba gets the top rating for ethiopian cuisine. Queen of Sheba Restaurant and Bar has also live Ethiopian dancing and acrobatic shows that makes the place very popular. Uzaze Travels has selected the best dining places in Juba. Restaurants most popular with expats and travellers and those serving international cuisine are featured in here below.

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Ebony Restaurant - Juba


Ebony Restaurant in Juba is owned by a Kenyan Indian partnered with the sons of the late John Garang. It is believed the restaurant is named Ebony which was the code name for the leader of the independence struggle. The restaurant is located in the compou ...

Millenium Restaurant - Juba

Private Bag Juba,Ministry Road, next to Buluk Square, Juba

Millenium Restaurant is located in front of the towering South Sudan Hotel. They have a huge paved garden with many tables and chairs and a very big restaurant. The style is modern, and there is a stall for coffee, fresh juice, ice cream, sandwiches and s ...

Telephone249 120 309 488 / 249 120 309 483

Wonderful Chinese Restaurant - Juba

Tong Ping road, Mahata

Wonderful Chinese Restaurant started operating in January 2011 and is located on the main Tong Ping road next to the Wonderful Furniture showroom. They have a wide chinese menu, steamed dumplings at 3 pounds per piece, Pizza at around 20 pounds, Sichuan p ...

Telephone+256 477 130 242

Karibu Choma Restaurant and Bar - Juba


Karibu Choma is a Kenyan style barbeque in Juba which opened in January 2011. There is a big grass thatched open sided banda in the centre hosting the the bar, then around it are seating areas in the garden. The goat meat and chicken are marinated then ro ...

Montana Garden - Juba Airport

Tong Ping Road

Montana Garden in Juba is located near the Juba Airport right on the Tong Ping Road. It is in a 3 storey building opposite the Bros petrol station. The snack shop has 10 great flavors of home made Italian ice cream, including Strawberry, Mango, Pineappl ...

Markos Restaurant - Juba

Malakia Road

Markos Restaurant is located on malakia Road and has been operating since July 2010. They have a bright modern interior with a big screen TV. They serve five flavors of ice cream, complete with four different toppings from only 2 pounds per scoop. There a ...

Home and Away Restaurant - Juba

Hai-Amarat (off May Street), Juba

Home and Away Restaurant offers a great Thai food and a basic continental menu but the Thai food stands out in Juba. Its very clean, fresh food at very reasonable prices. The setting of the tables is fantastic as they are set in a very nice garden, but i ...

Notos Lounge: Bar & Restaurant - Juba

Downtown Juba, Juba

Notos Lounge:  Bar & Restaurant - Juba Notos bar and restaurant is opposite Hamza Inn, just behind the town centre near the river tributary. Notos have attracted a good crowd of expatriates as well as upper class locals. A beautiful setting with indoor seating in a converted warehouse and outd ...

OCHA-AFEX Canteen - Juba

OCHA Compound, Juba

OCHA-AFEX Canteen - Juba OCHA-AFEX canten serves good buffet and pizzas on the river Nile. This canteen is pretty good and is is at UN logistics compound. Good option if you have meetings at OCHA or in the area. Also serves mexican dishes. Prices are above average

Shanghai Restaurant - Juba

Unity Avenue, Juba

Shanghai Restaurant - Juba Shangai Restaurant in Juba is located near the Juba university and offers a long list of chinese foods on its menu. Shangai Restaurant has outdoor seating and some private rooms. The food is tasty, service is fast and efficient. The atmosphere on the terr ...

Central Pub Restaurant - Juba

May Street, Juba

Central Pub Restaurant - Juba As the name echoes, Central Pub is in central Juba right next to the Muduria roundabout. It mainly offers an extensive Lebanese menu but some continental dishes are available. It built in such way one dines under open thatched banda. The menu includes gri ...

Basilicos Pizzeria - Juba

Ministries' Entrance, Juba

Basilicos Pizzeria - Juba Basilicos Pizzeria serves Ethiopian food, Italian food as well as nice Pizzas in a very nice grass thatched enclosed area. Prices are affordable here as most dishes cost 20 pounds and service is as fast as it can get. A good place for a quick meal or ...