Notos Lounge - Bar & Grill- Juba

Notos bar and restaurant is located just opposite Hamza Inn, just behind the town centre near the river tributary. Notos have attracted a good crowd of expatriates as well as upper class locals. The building is redone in style and really makes the place enjoyable. The building is a unique structure made of rough uncut stone. The building was originally a small warehouse belonging to the owner’s father which has been tastefully renovated. Inside is a circular bar filling half the room, which allows patrons and the owners to chat easily. The music is old school, mixed classic and can be changed by customer request. The bar area and lounging space as well as restaurant tables are all neat and well arranged. Outside area is well shaded and is cool during the day and cosy at nights. The menu includes calamari, prawns, steaks, and salads as well as bar snacks and burgers but the great pizza and excellent Indian food are above all. The owner of Notos Lounge is a Sudanese of Greek origin but lived in Juba, Europe, USA, and many other places, thus their cocktails and reflect that.Prices range from 25 to 35 pounds. Most patrons sit at the front open air enclosure where tables and chairs are placed according to the number in your group.
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