De'Havana Lounge, Bar & Grill

next door to Logali House, a a few minutes walk from the Joint Donor Team and a 5 minute drive from the airport / Juba town.
0957 321 218 / 0959 001 935 (Manager)
De'Havana Lounge offers the Juba community a Cuban-style Restaurant and Bar, together with Conference Facilities and a number of Serviced Offices available for both short and long term rentals. De'Havana Lounge was founded in 2008 by the basketball star Deng 'Dit' Leek who felt inspired to open a safe and attractive nightspot where his friends and colleagues could relax and unwind. De'havana has become one of the most fashionable meeting place in town. There are five distinct areas in the restaurant. At the entrance is an open area with a counter and bar stools where people sit while waiting for others to arrive. To the left is an open but covered TV area where football fans can watch English or European foot ball on a huge screen while longing on low sofas with huge poof pillows and coffee tables. At the centre there is a small and cozy open sided bar where around five patrons can sit at the counter and chat with the lively barman. Then to the right there is a nice restaurant with wooden dining tables and chairs, covered with colorful table cloths. The building is constructed with very unique materials, rough stone, polished wood poles, large marble tiles, making a pleasurable place to relax. There are three menus in restaurant, the Pizza menu at around 30 pounds per plate, American with fried fish and chips, chicken wings, steaks, salads, etc at around 40 pounds for a meal, the well liked 'Nyama Choma' roast goat meat and fries that you can not finish for only 25 pounds. Food is prepared on order, making the fare fresh and interesting. There is a popular class Salsa on thursdays too. Even if you can’t dance, this is a great opportinuty to meet new people in in expats community and make new friends.
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