Dining and Nightlife

As a new Nation with new opportunities, Dining and clubing is Southern Sudan specially in the capital Juba is interesting. Juba has many good restaurants, and most hotels have restaurants that cater for the public. Bars and nightclubs. The most popular nightclub in Juba is De Havana. Located near the main airport, it is one of Juba's more notorious night spots. In most bars, there are live music shows  with often musical songs from neighboring countries such as Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo being played. Southern Sudan has also given a new life or resurrected old or expired DRC musical stars such as Kanda Bongoman and Theo Blaise Konkou. Even though there are many places to watch live musical shows, the recommended venues are: New York Hotel, Juba Bridge Hotel and Nile Comfort and Rock city.

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