Internet Cafes

There are a few cyber cafes with broadband internet offering internet services in Juba, Sudan. We have listed the best of them.

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Swift Cyber - Juba

near the Ivory Bank, Juba

Swift Cyber - Juba Swift Cyber is arguably the most busy cyber in Juba town. Located near the ivory Bank main brank, it has dozen of computers with printers. Other services like computer repairs, text typing, advertising and web site design.

Tong Ping Business Center Cyber

Tong Ping Road

This Cyber cafe is located in the Tong Ping business center and hotel on the main Tong Ping road, they have a small but efficient and fast cyber with 4 computers. The assistant offers training in computer applications.

Thong Pring Cyber Cafe

Tong Ping Road, Juba

Thong Ping Cyber Cafe is opposite Tong Ping business on the main Tong Ping road. There are 8 computers. They do charge 10 pounds per hour. It is spacious and well arranged with computers with PS2 games for children. it is the best deal in Thong Ping area ...