Commercial Bank of Ethiopia - Juba

CBE-Southern Sudan Limited
+249-927639407, +249-128654967
The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) is the largest commercial bank in Ethiopia As of June 2011, it had about 86.5 Birr in assets and held approximately 63.5% of deposits and about 38% of all bank loans in the country. The bank has around 8,000 employees, who staff its headquarters and its over 500 branches positioned in the main cities and regional towns. The latter include 45 branches in Addis Ababa. With the opening of a branch in Gechi in the Illubabor Zone of the Oromia Region, CBE's banking network has reached 550 branches. The CBE-Southern Sudan Ltd. Juba Branch was opened in the capital city of Juba. The branch is operational since June 22, 2009. It offers the following services: Deposits, Money transfer, Cash management, Documentary Credit and collection, Bank guarantee
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