Unity Resources Group - URG Clinic - Juba

Tong Ping, Juba

Unity Resources Group URG is probably the most modern Clinic in Juba and is recommended by the United Nations for its personnel. Consultation is 50 dollars. It has a modern laboratory, efficient nurses and staff. URG clinic is located at the top end of ...

JIP Supermarket - Juba

Next to Juba Raha Hotel, Juba

JIP Supermarket - Juba JIP is the main and important supermarket in Juba by far. It is located just after Zain, next to Juba Raha hotel. The whole supermarket is air conditioned, spacious and clean. The JIT supermarket attracts mainly expatriate customers by offering a selectio ...

Phenicia Supermarket - Juba

Kololo, Juba

Phenicia Supermarket - Juba Phenicia Supermarket is located at Kololo on main road behind the ministries. This supermarkert is well stocked and they do add up new products now and then. Theere are foods, toiletries, household items,cigarettes, chocolates, snacks, biscuits, and so m ...

VaMP supermarket - Juba

Behind the USAID, Juba

VaMP supermarket - Juba VaMP Supermarket is behind USAID and the UN OCHA offices in Thong Ping, Juba. Vamp specializes in vegetable, meat and pharmacy as their main billboard suggests. They have all kind of fresh vegetables and meats, fresh fruit, dairy products, ice cream, chee ...

Beijing Juba Hotel - Juba

Behind the ministries off Thong Ping road, Juba

Beijing Juba Hotel - Juba Beijing Juba Hotel is a very comfortable but most expensive hotel in Juba. Prices start prices $100 for a self contained room Bed and Breakfast. It is very pacious with a customer service with three staff at reception. The hotel style is prefabs but very ...

Telephone+211 811 823889 / +211 977 153666

Athiei Beauty Salon - Juba

Behind the ministries on main road., Juba

Athiei Beauty Salon - Juba Athiei Beauty Salon is the best best and most well stocked Salon in Juba. It has a reception, a waiting room, the lounge, a barber shop, a gym, a sauna, massage room, wash rooms and the hair salon itself which hosts beauty room with two beds for facials, ...

Acacia Village - Juba

Mundri Road, Gudele, Juba, Southern Sudan

Acacia Village - Juba Acacia Village in Juba is owned and operated by the Operational Support Services Group (OSS). OSS has a proven track record of operating the best hotels and residences in South Sudan. Acacia is the top end of accomodation available in Juba at reasona ...

Telephone+249 905311056

Home and Away Salon - Juba

State House road, Juba

Home and Away Salon - Juba The Home and Away salon is situated in the Home and Away complex. It offers hair, nails and beauty services including, perm, haircut, waxing, facials, manicure and pedicure. It very clean and air conditioned. They also have two barbers for men. The is als ...

Bros Hotel - Juba

River Nile, Juba

Bros Hotel in Juba is located on the river Nile with a vegetable garden between the hotel and the river with a high chain link fence for security. This hotel has an open front restaurant overlooking the mango tree shaded terrace serving continental and Ke ...

Telephone+211 977 195 942 / 211 977 107 966

Amen Supermarket - Juba

Malakia, Juba

Amen supermarket is small but heavily stocked supermarket is heavily with good items like milk products, biscuits, soft drinks, coffee powder, tea leaves, sweets, jam, toilet and washing soap, cosmetics, wines, spirits and more. It is owned by Onesmus Lom ...

Telephone+256 477 100 362

ll Paradiso Hotel and Restaurant - Juba

Airport Road, Juba

Paradiso Hotel and Restaurant in Juba is a medium sized hotel on the main road located below the ministries and UN Ocha. They have a medium sized open sided bar and restaurant. The hotel specializes in Ethiopian food at around 25 pounds per meal, but also ...

Telephone+211 977 126765 / +211 121 012788

Home and Away Restaurant - Juba

Hai-Amarat (off May Street), Juba

Home and Away Restaurant offers a great Thai food and a basic continental menu but the Thai food stands out in Juba. Its very clean, fresh food at very reasonable prices. The setting of the tables is fantastic as they are set in a very nice garden, but i ...

Sahara Hotel Salon - Juba

Sahara Hotel, Juba

Sahara Hotel Salon - Juba Sahara Hotel Salon has four sections for hair, barber, beauty and massage and employs 4 ladies and two gents assisting clients. Clients are offered wine, coffe, tea or snacks while waiting in the airconditioned rooms. with nice and soft music playing as w ...

Millenium Restaurant - Juba

Private Bag Juba,Ministry Road, next to Buluk Square, Juba

Millenium Restaurant is located in front of the towering South Sudan Hotel. They have a huge paved garden with many tables and chairs and a very big restaurant. The style is modern, and there is a stall for coffee, fresh juice, ice cream, sandwiches and s ...

Telephone249 120 309 488 / 249 120 309 483

Ambassade de la France - Juba

Tong Ping Road, Juba

Ambassade de la France - Juba The French Consulate General in located in the European Union Compound, located at the upper end of Tong Ping road, (Tel.+ 249 957 127549 and +249 955 587332). In the same compound, there also the Dutch and British Consulate Generals.

Telephone+ 249 957 127 549 / +249 955 587 332

Logali House Hotel - Juba

Thong Ping Road, Juba

Logali House Hotel - Juba Logali House Hotel is Juba's best upmarket hotel and is conveniently situated at 5 minutes from Juba Airport and Juba town. It's an old house which has been converted into a small hotel, of 21 rooms. The rooms are around $275 for a single bed an ...

Telephone+211-977 103800 / +211 957103800

United States Embassy in Juba

Thong Ping, Juba

United States Embassy in Juba The United States Consulate General Juba opened in 2005. It was transformed into an Embassy at midnight on July 9, 2011 when the Republic of South Sudan became independent. It is also the headquarters for the U.S. Agency for International Development miss ...

Telephone(256) 477 236 456 (24h/7) / (001) 202 216 6279 / (001) 202 216 6279 Ext 216 /

Central Pub Restaurant - Juba

May Street, Juba

Central Pub Restaurant - Juba As the name echoes, Central Pub is in central Juba right next to the Muduria roundabout. It mainly offers an extensive Lebanese menu but some continental dishes are available. It built in such way one dines under open thatched banda. The menu includes gri ...