Prince Regent Charles Hospital Bujumbura

Avenue du Port, Bujumbura

Prince Regent Charles Hospital in Burundi is in south of the capital Bujumbura and is one of Burundi's most reference medical facilities in the country and is considered as the main health institution in Bujumbura. In general most doctors and hospitals i ...

Telephone+257 228 435
Fax+257 213 965

Clinique Prince Louis Rwagasore - Bujumbura

Avenue Pierre Ngendandumwe, Bujumbura

Clinique Prince Louis Rwagasore - Bujumbura Clinique Prince Louis Rwagasore is the oldest hospital in Bujumbura as it was built in 1945. The hospital is among the 3 best health institutions available in Burundi's capital but still suffer shortage of necessary equipement for important operations.

Telephone+257 223 881
Fax+257 225 137

Hotel Pinnacle 19 - Bujumbura

Chaussée d’Uvira, Kajaga, Bujumbura

Hotel Pinnacle 19 - Bujumbura Hotel pinnacle 19, Burundi is a lively hotel in the heart of Bujumbura with self-contained suites and Luxurious rooms ,a swimming pool, steam bath and Jacuzzi, an exotic garden, access to the beach, free wireless Internet connection, dry-cleaning service ...

Telephone+257 79 923640

Havana Club - Bujumbura

Boulevard de l' UPRONA, Bujumbura

Havana Club - Bujumbura Havana Club is widely viewed as # 1 night club in Bujumbura and lives up to its ranking. It is arguably the most famous nightclub in Bujumbura and it is the place to be specially on Saturday nights since the crowds gather in l'Archipel on Friday. Havana c ...

Water Front Hotel - bujumbura

Chaussee du Peuple Murundi | BP 1015, Bujumbura, Bujumbura

Water Front Hotel - bujumbura Water Front Hotel is Bujumbura is a 4 star hotel formerly international Novotel Hotel. It has now been privatised after being state owned for several years. the hotel is located right downtown bujumbura, walking distance to pretty much anything. It is one ...

Service Charge des Entreprises Publique - SCEP Burundi

Avenue du 18 Septembre, Bujumbura

Service Charge des Entreprises Publique - SCEP Burundi SCEP (Service Charge des Entreprises Publiques) is a government agency under the ministry of Good Governance and State Inspection. SCEP is in charge of policies and good governance of public services and advise the government of Burundi on the management, ...

Telephone+257 22 223 189

Light University of Bujumbura - Burundi

Avenue Mwezi Gisabo, Bujumbura

Light University of Bujumbura - Burundi Light University of Bujumbura or the ULBU (Universite de Lumiere de Bujumbura) is a private academic institution. It was authorized by the Minister of Education in his letter No. 610/NS/1245/2000 of 13 June 2000 to start its activities. The start was held ...

Telephone00257 22 23 55 49

United Nations Office in Burundi (BNUB)

Chaussée d'Uvira, B.P. 6899, Bujumbura

United Nations Office in Burundi (BNUB) The Secretary-General proposed in his report dated 30 November 2010 that the United Nations Integrated Office in Burundi (BINUB) be succeeded in January 2011 by the United Nations Office in Burundi (BNUB) for an initial period of one year. BNUB mission in ...


University of Bujumbura - Burundi

Boulevard de l'UPRONA, Bujumbura

University of Bujumbura - Burundi University of Bujumbura is the only public university in Burundi which had been established with an idea to provide a higher level of education to the masses. Its current enrollment is approximately 11 000. University of Bujumbura was established in 1964 ...


Belgium Embassy in Burundi ( Ambassade de la Belgique a...

Boulevard de la Liberté, 9, Bujumbura

Belgium Embassy in Burundi ( Ambassade de la Belgique au Burundi) The mission of Belgium Embassy in Burundi is to support peace process and efforts of reconciliation for Burundians. The Embassy also issues visas and assist belgians living or visiting Burundi.

Telephone+ 257 22 22 61 76

Bora Bora beach club - Bujumbura

Chaussee d'Uvira, Bujumbura

Bora Bora beach club - Bujumbura Bora Bora beach club is located right on the Tanganyika and is among the best place to relax and have a good food in Bujumbura. Upon entering Bora Bora, you are immediately struck by the view die for. You can enjoy the beach of Tanganiyika by swimming in ...

Emeraude Hotel - Bujumbura

Quartier Rohero II Avenue Kunkiko No 17, Bujumbura

Emeraude Hotel - Bujumbura Emeraude Hotel is located in Bujumbura City, the Capital of Burundi. It is just at 10 Km from the International Airport of Bujumbura.The Hotel gives you a warm welcome and ensures you about your security Facilities include Air-conditionned rooms each with ...

Telephone+257 22 27 65 50

Khana Khazana Indian Restaurant - Bujumbura

2 Avenue de Juillet , Kiriri, Bujumbura

Khana Khazana Restaurant is #1 Indian Restaurant in Bujumbura. It has also sister restaurants in Kigali and Kampala. Some people would argue that Khana Khazana is the overall best restaurant in Bujumbura. It is located in Kiriri, off of Avenue de Belveder ...

Telephone+25778786786 (Mr Anis lakhani)