Thorn Tree Café - Nairobi

Kimathi Street, Nairobi
Thorn Tree cafe has long served as central meeting for high profile individuals. It is still a place in the same class as an upmarket environment, so if you feel like having a lunch splurge in a cosy place this the place to go. It's an oasis of civilization amid the madness of the streets and the food, while overpriced, caters to most tastes. Thorn Tree cafe was originally named after an acacia tree that served as its centerpiece and was used as a message board for passing travellers. Over the years it has also been a popular hang-out for high profile guests, most notably, Ernest Hemingway. Today, the Café still retains its position as a central meeting place in Nairobi's business district and still also provides a message board but more for nostalgia purposes. It is a popular destination for big breakfast, dinner, and evening cocktails. It serves a range of beer, coffee, juices and a variety of Western dishes including wood-oven pizza and crepes.