Tamarind Restaurant - Nairobi Featured

Aga Khan Walk, National Bank Bldg, Nairobi
020 251 811
Tamarind Restaurant is Kenya's most prestigious restaurant and with no doubt Nairobi's best seafood restaurant. The splendid menu offers all manner of exotic flavours, and the lavish dining room is laid out in a sumptuous modern Arabic-Moorish style. A wide selection of seafood is brought up fresh from the coast daily and prepared to perfection from a variety of exotic European, Eastern and Swahili recipes. The restaurant has a mezzanine bar, and a private dining room which can cater for up to 20 people comfortably whilst the ground floor restaurant caters for 80 diners. At Tamarind, smart dress is expected and you'll need to budget for the full works, particularly if you want wine or cocktails.
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