Dining & Nightlife

Eating out in Kenya is very exciting. Nairobi and Mombasa in particular have a varied range of restaurants covering a world of cuisines from Korean BBQ, French Nouvelle Cuisine to Ethiopian Injera and kenyan local recipes. Carnivore Restaurant in Nairobi is a unique dining experience and widely famous with tourists coming to Kenya for wildlife safaris while the new Cafesserie located in Nyali in Mombasa is making headlines.

Carnivore Restaurant serves up every kind of meat imaginable, including four choices of game meat. It is cooked on traditional Masai swords. The waiters carry around the swords through the restaurant, carving unlimited amounts of prime meat on hot, cast iron plates in front of customers.

As for the Nightlife in Nairobi, It is very vibrant and animated with African music providing a powerful incentive to dance. Nairobi has numerous bars, nightclubs and pubs which can be found everywhere particularly around Westlands and Parklands. The rhythm in Nairobi is fast and Nairobi is indeed a city that never sleeps day and night!


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