Dire Dawa Hotels

A comprehensive hotel guide for travellers looking for cheap and affordable accommodation in Dire Dawa - Ethiopia. There is a good selection of good and cheap hotels in Dire Dawa. All Dire Dawa Hotels and guesthouses listings have photos galleries, reviews and features unable you to contact the hotel owner for more details, prices or bookings.

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African Village - Dire Dawa

African Village - Dire Dawa We are located in the mountain tropics of eastern Ethiopia, in as city known for its welcoming, relaxed, and multicultural atmosphere; Dire Dawa. African Village has a total of fefteen unique and beaitfully furnished rooms of various sizes and amenit ...

Grand Triangle - Dire Dawa

Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

Grand Triangle - Dire Dawa The Grand Triangle, a 3 star hotel in Dire dawa comprises so many exquisite and quirky elements; you could describe it in different ways. we are at a walking distance from the Airport, we are so nearby, you can switch off sooner. Time’s precious and ...