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Hotels in Addis Ababa: A comprehensive hotel guide for travellers looking for cheap and affordable accommodation and hotels in Addis Ababa - Ethiopia. All type of Hotels can be found in addis Ababa. From Luxury hotel such as Sheraton Hotel, to Middle class hotels such KZ Family Hotel or budget furnished apartments such Diplomatic furnished apartments. All Addis Ababa Hotels  listings have photos galleries and reviews and features enable you to contact the hotel owner for more details, prices or bookings.


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Wassamar Hotel - Addis Ababa

Africa Avenue / Bole Road, Po Box 512

Wassamar Hotel - Addis Ababa The 4-star Wassamar Hotel is conveniently located in bole surbub close to Bole International Airport and just steps away from a variety of city attractions. The hotel offers comfortable guest rooms, a lobby and bar, an outdoor balcony and a restaurant ove ...

Telephone251 116 610 055

Edna Addis Hotel - Addis Ababa

100m off the square of Adwa Road

Edna Addis Hotel - Addis Ababa Edna Addis hotel is located at 10 km from Bole International Airport and at walking distance from ECA offices. It is situated right in the vibrant heart of Addis Ababa and delivers a refreshing blend of urban luxury and friendly hospitality with its 33 mo ...

Telephone+251 115 507 003 / +251 115 507 727

Ararat Hotel Hotel - Addis Ababa

Dessie Road | P O Box 155, Addis Ababa 1000-155

Ararat Hotel Hotel - Addis Ababa Hotel Arafat is located at the top of a hill giving a stunning view of Addis Ababa. It is a few minutes drive from the city centre. This 3-star Addis Ababa hotel has 35 guestrooms for with Bathrobe and Television. The well-decorated rooms feature balcon ...

Telephone251 16 461 166 / 251-16 461 227

Bole Ambassador Hotel - Addis Ababa

Bole Road, Addis Ababa

Bole Ambassador Hotel - Addis Ababa Bole Ambassador Hotel is 2 minute drive from Bole International Airport and door step to the Millennium hall. Ambassador hotel combines all carefully chosen advantages to the guest, offering guests high quality, comfortable and luxurious rooms. All the 50 ...

Telephone+(251) 11 6188 284

Addis Regency Hotel - Addis Ababa

Addis Regency  Hotel - Addis Ababa Addis Regency Hotel in Ethiopia is located centrally in Addis Ababa. It is very close to the historic and cultural tourist attractions and it is at approximately fifteen minutes away from Bole International Airport. The hotel is only a few steps away of P ...

Telephone+251 913 141 583

The Lion's Den Hotel - Addis Ababa

Kefle Ketema- Kirkos, Kebele-01/19, House No. 028

The Lion's Den Hotel - Addis Ababa The Lion's Den Hotel is one of the best boutique hotels in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. It is located in the most prized part of the city, Bole Road where the best shops and entertainment places found. The hotel has 16 luxurious suite bed ...

Telephone+251 115 547 734 / 36

Beshale Hotel - Addis Ababa

Yeka, CMC area Addis Ababa

Beshale Hotel - Addis Ababa Situated in a shopping district Beshale hotel in Addis Ababa is close to Medhane Alem Church. Area attractions also include ECA Conference Centre and Holy Trinity Cathedral. Beshale Hotel has 64 guestrooms. Each room features a 21 inch flat panel televisi ...

Tikla Hotel - Addis Ababa

DebreZeit Road (Sariss, next to Kadisco

Tikla Hotel - Addis Ababa Tikla Hotel is conveniently located near the motorway, making it possible for guests to easily access the main business centers of Addis. It is also 5 minutes away from Bole International Airport. Hotel amenities include: café, Breakfast room, Laundry, In ...

Telephone+251 114 422 655, +251 911 201 523

Archi Hotel - Addis Ababa

Yeka Subcity Kebele 16-18, Addis Ababa

Archi Hotel - Addis Ababa Archi hotel is an 8 storey luxurious hotel-apartment nestled in the North Eastern part of Addis Ababa. The unique design and accommodation comfort of the building is targeted towards attaining higher satisfaction of guests who need special stay. Ordinary ...

Telephone+ 251 116 466 959
Fax+251 116 466 949

Bole Rock Hotel - Addis Ababa

Bole Medhanialem, Behind Edna Mall

Bole Rock Hotel - Addis Ababa Bole Rock Hotel is a good accommodation in 14 rooms. The hotel in one of the upper scale areas in Addis only 3 minutes drive from the airport and right close to Edna Mall, the main cinema house in Addis Ababa. It has spacious rooms, good restaurant that o ...

Telephone+251 116 188 171/73/74