Edna Mall Cinemas Popular

Cameroon Street, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
0116 616278/ 0116 616869
Matti Multiplex Cinema is a three purpose-built cinema complex at Edna Mall beside Bole Medihanealem Church. Besides the cinema, the building hosts cafes, restaurants, bookstores and children play ground . Its amusement services called Bob and Bango‚Äôs offer-play station games, various games like hammer head, two party rooms to host children birth days, gift shops and others. The theatres screen three different films five times a day. One can come and choose which box office hits he or she wants to see and join one of the three halls for the same price of thirty birr (close to 4 USD) during working hours and forty in off hours. The exclusive partnership Edna Mall signed with US leading movie distributors like Universal Pictures and others means Edna Mall Cinema is able not only to screen box office films but also to choose among them and pick which ever they think is best suited for the Ethiopian audience. For this week cinemas show time and program, Please Follow this link: http://www.uzaze.com/addis-ababa?start=5
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