Bars and Night Clubs

Addis Ababa Nightclubs: #1 Gaslight, #2 Club Illusion, #3 Club Deep. Addis Ababa is a nightlife paradise. There are bars, pubs and clubs all over the city that cater to every customer's needs and style. Several places in Addis Ababa serve various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at night. The Champions on bole road opposite the Lime tree building serves drinks  modestly priced in Turkish atmosphere.

 Sheraton Gaslight is indeed a fancy nightclub resembling that of western clubs and serves the best drinks and you can dance the best music all night long. Make sure  not to wear jeans and sneaker when planning to go to Gaslight. Memo is a popular nightclub with a spacious dance floor. Bailamos is on top of the Novis building. Bailamos also offers performance on weekends.


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Meda Sports Bar and Grill - Addis Ababa

Meda Sports Bar and Grill - Addis Ababa Meda Sports Bar and Grill is a spacious and well stocked  bar. This club is perfect place for chatting over a glass of drink as the downstairs lounge provides a more intimate setting for quiet conversations while upstairs gives a rather relaxed, casual di ...

The Black Rose - Addis Ababa

Bole Road

The Black Rose - Addis Ababa Need a cozy place to sit and chat while downing a cold St. George beer or spirits such as my favorite Jack danniels? The Black Rose on Bole Road is the place to go. The music is wonderful, the atmosphere is energetic and fashionable. It is dark but very c ...

Memo Nightclub - Addis Ababa

Memo nightclub in Addis Ababa is popular for its late night atmosphere and the presence of many 'Addis Ababa working girls'. There are comfortable sofas, a variety of drinks and a dance floor. It is one of few clubs in Addis ababa that charges admission. ...

Divine night Club - Addis Ababa

Divine one of the coolest night club in Addis Ababa and has western-oriented playlist along with ample space for relaxing and a pumping dance floor on weekends. It is located on the top floor of Sheger House on Bole Road.

Bailamos Club - Addis Ababa

Bailamos is on the top floor of the Novis building right on Bole road.It has good live music every Saturday, soft rock, salsa, R&B, and the band is surprisingly good. However, this is considered a lower end club, more targetted to those with a limited ...

Liquid Lounge - Addis Ababa

Liquid Lounge is situated next to the Intercontinental hotel in Nigist Towers Building. It is well known for Teppanyaki (food cooked in front of you) and Sushi. This place is very trendy, they have VIP areas upstairs and does gets busy the weekends.

The Champions Bar - Addis Ababa

The Champions club is located across the street from Boston Day Spa building opposite the Lime tree building. The popular products here are Hookah and drinks that are modestly priced over a Turkish atmosphere. This is what makes nice relaxing night at thi ...