Dining and Nightlife

Nightlife in Addis Ababa involves dining, drinking and dancing. Hmmm.. Thats not the best description. Addis Ababa nightlife is a mixture of beautiful girls, cocktails and loud music! Most drinks are of western origin but it is a great idea to try the national drink of Ethiopia known as tej which is brewed from honey. Another popular ethiopian drink is the tela which tastes just like beer. For a good dining experience, there are many different options in terms of restaurants and coffee shops.

For the budget conscious, the cafes along Bole Road and Piassa area can offer the best drinks at affordable prices. Spritz is a popular juice made of different fruit pulp layers in a glass. The choices of fruit include a selection of avocado, mango, papaya, banana and guava among others. Food on Bole road and Piassa is very affordable. Team Mimi on Bole road serves good traditional Ethiopian cuisine. Their mesir besiga or ground meat with lentils, is a must try for a newcomer in Ethiopia.

For those seeking luxurious food Fisherman Restaurant on Mickey Leland Street is one option. Fisherman is a part-Chinese part-Tibetan restaurant with a wide selection of Asian seafood. Ristorante Castellis in Piazza is another option. Castellis is a top Italian restaurant and was first established in 1942.


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