Hotels in Bujumbura

Hotels in Bujumbura - Burundi: A comprehensive hotel guide for travellers looking for cheap and affordable accommodation and hotels in Bujumbura- Burundi. All type of Hotels can be found in Bujumbura. From Luxury hotels, to Middle class hotels and budget hotels. All Bujumbura Hotels and guesthouses listings have photos galleries, reviews and features enable you to contact the hotel owner for more details, prices or bookings.


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Hotel Source du Nil - Bujumbura

Avenue du Stade, Bujumbura

Hotel Source du Nil is located in the heart of bujumbura and is one of Burundi's leading hotels. This hotel with its unique location offers an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity right in the city center maddening crowds and noise.Constantly being remo ...

Telephone(+257) 22 22 52 22

Hotel Restaurant Botanika - Bujumbura

9 Boulevard de l'Uprona, City Centre, Bujumbura

Hotel Restaurant Botanika - Bujumbura Botanika Hotel Restaurant is located on Boulevard de l'Uprona a major boulevard in Bujumbura, Burundi's capital where most of the stores, restaurants and other entertainment are located. Botanika is 3 minutes from the golf club from Bujumbura, equestrian ...

Telephone+257 22 226792 / 228773

Amahoro Hotel - Bujumbura, Burundi

Avenue de l'Industrie, Parcelle (plot) I524, Bujumbura

Amahoro Hotel - Bujumbura, Burundi Hotel Amahoro is one of the best hotels of international class in Burundi. Located deeply downtown the capital city Bujumbura, the Hotel offers good services at cheapest prices. Its surrounding, buildings and facilities added to an excellent location, g ...

Telephone+257 22 24 75 50 / +257 22 24 75 51

Hotel du Lac Tanganyika - Bujumbura

Chaussee d'Uvira

Hotel du Lac Tanganyika - Bujumbura With amazing eighty rooms, on the banks of Lake Tanganyika in the heart of Africa, The hotel du Lac Tanganyika facilities are located right on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in Bujumbura. Set within green and lush gardens, the hotel’s building has been uni ...

Telephone+257 22 250 220 / 221
Fax+257 22 250 219

New Parador Residence Bujumbura

Boulevard du 28 Novembre, Bujumbura

New Parador Residence Bujumbura The new Parador Residence in Burundi is situated on Boulevard du 28 Novembre in the surrounding hills of Bujumbura, only 12 km drive from the international airport. It has a lovely view over Bujumbura city, Burundi's Capital and great guests rooms.

Telephone+257 79 969 513

Karera Beach Hotel - Bujumbura

Chaussée d’Uvira, Bujumbura

Karera Beach Hotel - Bujumbura Located along the Lake Tanganyika, Karera Beach Hotel has modern accommodation facilities with 5 bungalows of 10 rooms with a view on the Lake and the hills surrounding the City of Bujumbura. The bungalows have a unique comfort for an enjoying stay. All h ...

Telephone+257 222 47818

Hotel Pinnacle 19 - Bujumbura

Chaussée d’Uvira, Kajaga, Bujumbura

Hotel Pinnacle 19 - Bujumbura Hotel pinnacle 19, Burundi is a lively hotel in the heart of Bujumbura with self-contained suites and Luxurious rooms ,a swimming pool, steam bath and Jacuzzi, an exotic garden, access to the beach, free wireless Internet connection, dry-cleaning service ...

Telephone+257 79 923640

Hotel La Palmeraie - Bujumbura, Burundi

Avenue du Large, Bujumbura

Hotel La Palmeraie - Bujumbura, Burundi Hotel la Palmeraie in Bujumbura, Burundi is a modern hotel built strategically around a beautiful swimming pool. From the rooms, you have beautiful views of the hills of Bujumbura and the lake. The hotel is comprised of 2 tastefully decorated suites and 2 ...

Telephone+257 78 600 000

Hotel Le Clos des Limbas - Bujumbura

4 rue des limdas Kinanira, Bujumbura

Hotel Le  Clos des Limbas - Bujumbura Hotel le clos des Limbas in Burundi is a 4 star hotel located in a residential area just a step from downtown Bujumbura, the hotel Le Clos des Limbas welcomes you in a luxurious, family and authentic atmosphere. It has 21 comfortable and well-equipped roo ...

Telephone+ 257 22 25 30 00
Fax+ 257 22 25 30 03

Water Front Hotel - bujumbura

Chaussee du Peuple Murundi | BP 1015, Bujumbura, Bujumbura

Water Front Hotel - bujumbura Water Front Hotel is Bujumbura is a 4 star hotel formerly international Novotel Hotel. It has now been privatised after being state owned for several years. the hotel is located right downtown bujumbura, walking distance to pretty much anything. It is one ...

Dorado Hotel - Bujumbura

145, Avenue de l'Industrie, Bujumbura

Dorado Hotel - Bujumbura Dorado hotel is located on Avenue de L'industrie, It is a Basic hotel with with basic amenities including air conditioned rooms and wireless internet. The food from the restaurant is excellent and prices range from $80.

Residence St Rose - Bujumbura

Avenue Mardi | Kibenga, Bujumbura 790

Residence St Rose - Bujumbura The Residence St. Rose is a gracious guest house where you can rent suites with multiple bedrooms and your own personal chef for affordable price. Service is excellent and the restaurant at St Rose has a delicious food.

Vaya Hotel - Bujumbura

Chausse Prince Louis Rwagasore, Kiriri

Vaya Hotel - Bujumbura Vaya Hotel is located in Bujumbura city and was constructed in 1990 and renovated in 2008. Hotel Vaya offers its clients convenient, affordable accommodation in renovated apartments. All apartments are fully furnished with single and double beds, bathroom ...

Telephone+257 22 228 231

Village Hotel - Bujumbura

Avenue Bururi, 7, Bujumbura

Village Hotel is situated in Bururi surbub 12 km drive from Bujumbura international airport. Village Hotel is a lovely smal hotel with  28 rooms (single , double, Deluxe and Executive rooms ), internet and swimming pool.The staff are friendly and att ...

Emeraude Hotel - Bujumbura

Quartier Rohero II Avenue Kunkiko No 17, Bujumbura

Emeraude Hotel - Bujumbura Emeraude Hotel is located in Bujumbura City, the Capital of Burundi. It is just at 10 Km from the International Airport of Bujumbura.The Hotel gives you a warm welcome and ensures you about your security Facilities include Air-conditionned rooms each with ...

Telephone+257 22 27 65 50

Yombe Palace Hotel - Bujumbura

Avenue du Large | Kabondo Quarter, Lane Kanzigiri, Bujumbura

Yombe Palace Hotel - Bujumbura Yombe palace Hotel is located on Broad Avenue in 15 minutes from the international airport of Bujumbura, 3 minutes from downtown and 200 meters of Lake Tanganyika. Yombe Palace Hotel is therefore strategically located to allow clients greater ease of acti ...